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01 Dec. 2022


Online during the blackout. How to order and install Starlink in Ukraine?



Online during the blackout. How to order and install Starlink in Ukraine?

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

Mass blackouts of light and communication continue in Ukraine. Such problems clearly affected the everyday life of most citizens. If a generator will help you with a power outage, communication problems can be solved by installations from the SpaceX company. We tell you how to order and install Starlink satellite dishes.

How, where and for how much can you order Starlink?

Complete Starlink equipment can be ordered on the company's website in countries where the company already has a representative office. Currently, there is no direct opportunity to place an order with delivery to Ukraine.

How much does the terminal and subscription cost?

Three months after lowering the price, Starlink decided to raise it for Ukrainians. New prices:

- the terminal will cost you $700;

- the monthly cost of the service is $75 on average;

- when buying, you will need to pay 50 dollars for delivery (previously, there was no such payment for Ukrainians).

Internet speed:

The speed depends on the selected package. Starlink Basic offers Internet access at a speed of 50-250 Mbit/s, Starlink Premium – 150-500 Mbit/s.

Step-by-step instructions for ordering from the company's website:

• go to the official website;

• choose the address where the terminal should be delivered: country, city, street, postal code. The site will indicate whether delivery is possible;

• fill out the form and pay a $60 deposit;

• wait for a letter from the company confirming delivery;

• pay the price of the terminal and wait for receipt.

Starlink's delivery service from another country is also offered by Nova Poshta and Meest. The websites of these companies indicate how to place an order correctly.

As a rule, the delivery of the terminal takes 2-3 weeks. Transportation to Ukraine is not included in the price, as well as customs payments. However, recently, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal announced the cancellation of import duty and VAT for Starlink equipment.

Which Starlink terminal should I choose (yes, there are two versions)?

The manufacturer offers a choice of two versions of the terminals - Residential and RV. When ordering to Ukraine, the terminals and subscription cost the same, but when ordering to another country, the RV version will be more expensive. Because its functionality allows you to use the terminal everywhere, as well as to stop the subscription at the right moment.

Meanwhile, the Residential version is tied to a specific location. In order for the terminal, which was ordered through Germany, for example, to work in Ukraine, it needs to be activated at the address in the country of the order and only then forwarded to you. After the installation arrives, you will need to contact support and link your address.

How to install Starlink?

The equipment includes several parts - a terminal, a power supply unit and a router. The terminal catches communication with the satellite and distributes WI-FI.

Installations are delivered to Ukraine with instructions that fully explain how to properly connect Starlink.

Brief instructions:

• it is necessary to connect the antenna to the terminal using the included cable;

• connect the terminal to the power grid;

• install the Starlink program from the AppStore or Google Play on your gadget (smartphone or tablet).

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