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03 Mar. 2022


Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken to foreign journalists: what the President was talking about



Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken to foreign journalists: what the President was talking about

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On the eighth day of the war, President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to Western media respresentatives. During an hour he was answering questions of journalists from around the world. We picked out most important points from the interview.

Putin, sit down to the negotiation table with me

Zelensky underlined that it was not Ukraine who attacked Russia, so Putin has noothing to fear. "What do you want from us? Get off our soil. If you do not want to leave now - sit down to the negotiation table with me. I am free. Sit down with me to the negotiation table. But not a 30-meter table, as you sat at with Macron and Scholz. I am your neighbour. You should not keep me at 30 meters - said the President.

If I wasn't a president - I would join the territorial defence

Zelensky assured, that if he wasn't the President of Ukraine, he would join the territorial defense and under no circumstances would lay down arms. The Commander-in-Chief mentioned, that he is not only the guarantor of the Constitution, but the guarantor of his nation as well. "I would hand out food, I would shoot, I would do anything what I was told. But if they told me "You must lay down arms", I would never do that" - stated Zelensky.

God is the judge, not a crematorium

"And even now I would not want them (Russian soldiers - ed.) to be left in crematoriums. Their mothers will not even know the whys, wheres and what fors. It's wrong! It's inhuman! Because God is  Это неправильно! Это не по-человечески! Because God is one. Even if you have been sent, and you have decided to kill other people - you should be judged by God, not a crematorium" - said Zelensky. He added, that Ukraine will give access to Russian mothers, for them to be able to come and take their children away.

End of the world has already happened 

"Forget about all the Maya, apocalypse and end of the world etc. The end of the world has already happened. If we can't stop such steps, this is the end of this world indeed and end of the world for such people (as Putin - ed.)" - Zelensky addressed the world community. 

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova will be the next 

The President of Ukraine does not think, that Russia will stop after occupying Ukraine. "After Ukraine, if we are gone, God forbid, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova will be the next. After that it will be Georgia, Poland. They will be going to the Berlin Wall this way" - he told.

It's too late

Zelensky emphasized, that the Ukrainians are thankful to the countries supporting us. But he added, that the help should have been granted earlier. "I think, it's too late. It's late. Because we have lost this time, when we were talking and asking. And it costs hundreds of Ukrainians lives. This is the cost. This is what it costs. It's an absolute truth" – explained the President. 

Without all this bureaucracy sh*t 

Zelensky told that numerous world leaders have become friends these days. "We call each other several times a day and simply have a mobile-phone talk. I like it that I can speak without all this bureaucracy sh*t, when you have to order something complicated and then wait. But now this is a completely other moment, because people are dying" - said Zelensky.

I am so happy that the world has come together

According to the President, the worldwide support is very important. "I want to address these amazing people around the globe with a request not to give up on support. Because it boosts our confidence. And if it fades away - it can weaken us. We are not ready to surrender. But this support says we are doing everything right. And I am happy, that the world has come together" - told he.

How many deaths do you need?

Zelensky spoke about the importance of closing the sky. From the territory of Belarus and Russia they are launching missiles, bombs, Iskander rockets, bombardiers, that are killing Ukrainians. "I reached out about closing the sky to Biden, Scholz, Macron. I told, that if you can not close the sky right now, then define the time limit. If you can not define the time limit now. How much time do you need? How many people have to go crazy? How many arms, legs, heads people have to lose? To reach you, for you to close it?" - underscored the Ukrainian President.