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Karta pobytu for Ukrainian refugees: how to get a temporary residence permit in Poland in 2024? (updated)

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Karta pobytu for Ukrainian refugees: how to get a temporary residence permit in Poland in 2024? (updated)

Citizens of Ukraine in Poland who have a PESEL number with the status of UKR can obtain a temporary residence permit (Karta pobytu). Find out more about what is required to obtain the document in 2024

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

In 2024, Poland will 
continue to support Ukrainians who moved to the country in connection with the full-scale invasion of russia. In particular, the country extended temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees. Also here you can get a Karta pobytu – a document that legalizes the stay of foreigners in Poland.

What is a Karta pobytu? What rules for issuing a temporary residence permit in Poland are relevant in 2024? What are the advantages of this document? Detailed instructions for the design of the Karta pobytu are further in our material.

What is a residence card (Karta pobytu)?

The Karta pobytu is a permit for long-term temporary or permanent residence in Poland, which allows a foreigner to enjoy most of the rights, like a Polish citizen, and to cross the state border without the need to issue a visa.

The document contains information that confirms the identity of the foreigner - profile and biometric data, black and white photo, registered address of residence, PESEL number and conditions of access to the labor market.

What are the types of Karta pobytu?

Refugees from Ukraine have the right to issue one of the following types of cards:

● Temporary residence permit (karta czasowego pobytu) – it is usually issued for a period of 1-3 years with the possibility of extension an unlimited number of times. The permit gives the right to a legal stay in Poland, work, study, medical care, social assistance and other benefits.

● Permanent residence permit (karta stałego pobytu) is issued for a period of 10 years with the possibility of extension. It allows you to permanently live in Poland, work, study, receive medical care, social assistance and other benefits. Karta stałego pobytu is issued after passing the Polish language exam.

What advantages does the Karta pobytu give to Ukrainians?

Issuance of the Karta pobytu gives Ukrainians in Poland the following advantages:

1. Allows you to legally stay in Poland for a long time, enter and leave the country without additional procedures.

2. Allows to stay in Schengen zone member countries for up to 90 days during every 6 months.

3. Grants the right to work, study, health insurance, and receive social assistance in Poland.

4. Allows you to open bank accounts.

8. The right to drive a vehicle.

9. Opens the way to loans, including mortgage and car loans.

How can a Ukrainian buy a car in Poland? Algorithm of actions and tips at the link.

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Which of the Ukrainian refugees has the right to issue a Karta pobytu in 2024?

From April 1, 2023, Ukrainians who entered Poland after February 24, 2022 and obtained the status of temporary protection (PESEL UKR) in the country, have the right to issue a Karta pobytu in Poland. However, to obtain a permit, one of the following requirements must be met:

- To be officially employed in Poland (on the basis of an employment contract).

- Open a business (limited liability company or private enterprise) in Poland.

- Have a Blue Card – this type of work permit is usually issued by highly qualified specialists in the field of IT, scientists of natural and applied sciences, energy engineers, doctors, teachers with a scientific degree, designers, architects, etc.

Which of the refugees can NOT apply for a Karta pobytu?

Ukrainians who:

- Received refugee status in another EU country.

- Received a permit for a temporary stay in Poland on other grounds, such as studying

- Issued a permit for permanent residence in Poland.

Ukrainians living in Poland are increasingly faced with the need to obtain a driver's license. The good news is that starting in 2024, in three Polish cities, Ukrainians will be able to take the theoretical exam for a driver's license in their native language. More details here.

How to get a Karta pobytu?

In order to obtain a Karta pobytu, it is necessary to submit documents to the Voivodship Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) at the place of residence. It takes 3 to 6 months to process an application for a Karta pobytu. 

The fee for issuing the document is 440 zlotys for the issuance of a temporary pobytu, 640 zlotys for a permanent pobytu. It is paid at the cash desk of the state body - Uzhendi, which will handle the case.

How to independently submit documents for a Karta pobytu?

You can fill out an application for the Karta pobytu online on the MOS platform, which is translated into seven languages, including Ukrainian.

After filling out the application, you should print it, sign it, add the necessary documents and send it to the voivodship office at your place of residence.

A package of documents for the registration of the Karta pobytu for Ukrainian refugees in 2024

The package of documents for obtaining the Karta pobytu consists of a general list of references and an additional one, which depends on the grounds for submission.

● General list of documents:

- Wniosek or Statement in 2 copies in Polish. It can be downloaded on the Government's website or taken in Uzhendi at the place of residence;

- Photo (4 pieces), size 3.5 by 4.5 cm, as for a visa

- Foreign passport and its photocopy.

- A document certifying the basis for obtaining a Karta pobytu - PESEL UKR, a certificate of marriage with a Pole, etc.;

- Document on residence in Poland (meldunek);

- Certificate of bank account status;

- Certificate from the place of work or from Urząd Skarbowy;

- Terms and conditions of renting an apartment;

- Receipt for payment of the fee.

An additional package of documents, depending on the reasons for obtaining the Karta pobytu:

● Officially employed persons:

- Employment contract with the employer.

- Certificate of payment of taxes in ZUS (ЗУС) − Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych (Social Insurance Institution)

● Entrepreneurs:

- Income statement

- Declaration on contributions to ZUS (Deklaracja rozliczeniowa).

● Schoolchildren and students:

- Certificate of enrollment in a Polish educational institution.

- A statement from the bank about the availability of funds in the student's or mother's or father's account of PLN 10,000 or more. If the student works, then you need to add the Agreement with the employer.

- Health insurance policy. State insurance from ZUS is also suitable.

How to enroll a child to school in Poland in 2024? Read here.

● BLUE CARD holders

- A certificate or diploma of graduation from a university or a work book, which will state that the foreigner has at least 5 years of work experience in this field

- Certificate with salary level.

- Document on assignment, confirmation of the employee's qualification.

- Terms of the contract with the employer for a period of 1 year or more.

Maps of the beat based on the status of UKR

In connection with the adopted amendments to the special law, Ukrainians will be able to obtain a special residence card for three years under the UKR status.

To obtain this card, the following conditions must be met:

● To have a valid Ukrainian status as of 03/04/2024 and at the time of submitting the application.

● Submit an application to the voivode in electronic form. 

● All the necessary data must be updated in the PESEL UKR register in the commune of the place of residence.

● No objections from public services responsible for security.

The card will contain a note: “Poprzednio posiadał ochronę czasową” (Previously had temporary protection). The PESEL status will change from UKR to PESEL CUKR. This rule also applies to children of foreigners with UKR status who were born in Poland.

Residence cards for the purpose of family reunification

In addition, a new ground for obtaining a residence permit that is not related to the status of a Ukrainian citizen will be introduced. Currently, residence cards are issued only for work or business purposes. It is planned to consider requests for family reunification.

Preferential conditions will be established for persons reuniting with a foreigner with temporary protection. In particular, the requirement of a previous two-year stay on a temporary residence card will be canceled.

Changes in the calculated minimum wage rates in Poland

On July 1, 2024, new minimum wage rates will come into force in Poland. This applies to foreign nationals who receive a temporary residence card on the basis of employment.

Starting in the middle of the year, the minimum gross wage will be PLN 4300, which is approximately PLN 3261 net.

In order to obtain a residence card, employees must have an employment contract with a salary not lower than the established minimum wage. Otherwise, they may be denied the document.

Foreigners who applied for a residence card before July 1, but are still awaiting a decision, must submit a new employment contract or an annex with an increased salary to the Voivodeship Office for Foreigners. Otherwise, they may also be refused.

When can a Karta pobytu be refused?

They can refuse to issue a Karta pobytu if:

- A Ukrainian does not fall under any of the categories of applicants for receiving a Karta pobytu.

- Incorrect or false data or documents submitted.

- The person is in the database of persons who are undesirable in Poland and pose a threat to the country's security.

- The person is in Poland illegally, is a debtor or a prisoner.

Difficulties that Ukrainians may face when issuing a Karta pobytu in Poland and ways to solve them are collected in our material.

Also, when analyzing the need to issue a Karta pobytu, take into account that PESEL UKR has its limitations. In particular, the permit may be terminated if certain conditions are not met.

In which EU countries can I obtain renewed protection in 2024? The conditions and required documents are available here.

So, in 2024, Ukrainians can get a Karta pobytu in Poland, the procedure for issuing the document is quite simple, the main thing is to have grounds for obtaining a permit and prepare the necessary package of documents.

Current and fastest routes from Poland to Ukraine, as well as entry rules and information about queues at the border, can be found in our material.

Who can leave a child to a Ukrainian who plans to leave Poland for a certain period of time and how to do it is described here.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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