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10 Mar. 2022


Recommendations from the National Bank for Ukrainians fleeing the war



Recommendations from the National Bank for Ukrainians fleeing the war

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The National Bank of Ukraine recommends Ukrainians who intend to evacuate themselves abroad, to not take hryvnias in cash, but deposit the money to their bank accounts in Ukraine. You can do it the following ways:

 ⁃ In the bank's department, with a passport;

 ⁃ Via payment devices with cash receiving function - self-service terminals (PTCS), ATMs with cash receiving function.

Ukrainians abroad can cashlessly pay for goods and services using their cards issued by Ukrainian banks, as well as to withdraw the necessary amounts in foreign currency. The conversion of such operations will take place at the rate established by the Ukrainian bank-issuer (not a cash exchange rate). "During the war, a significant part of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and rescue themselves in neighbor countries. Citizens who left the country with hryvnias in cash, faced the impossibility of exchanging it to another currency or were forced to exchange it for extremely bade rate. The National Bank understands the problem and already works on its solution with the central banks of neighbor countries. But it takes time. So, if you haven´t crossed the border yet, we recommend that you replenish your bank account in Ukraine and safely use your payment card abroad. Then the conversion rate will be much better than The "Black Market" course, - said Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksiy Shaban. The National Bank of Ukraine did not establish any restrictions on cashless settlements, in particular limits on the implementation of transactions using payment cards abroad.

Source: National Bank of Ukraine