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13 Mar. 2022


How to learn about the congestion at border crossing points?



How to learn about the congestion at border crossing points?

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The evacuation of Ukrainian citizens seeking refuge in peaceful Europe from dangerous regions of the country continues. From the first day of the war, EU members, especially those with our borders, and the Republic of Moldova have been practicing simplified entry rules for refugees and are providing them with humanitarian support in all areas.

According to the State Border Guard Service, the flow of passengers in the western part has decreased slightly over the past day: 96 thousand people, 51 thousand of whom used the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing points. Currently, as of March 13, as assured in the SBGS, the queues of pedestrians, cars and passenger buses are minimal.

For those who are going to take the opportunity to leave the country, it is very important to choose the least crowded checkpoints in a timely manner, so you should follow the current situation on the State Fiscal Service website , which interactively shows the calculation of waiting time for each existing border crossing point . More relevant information about this appears on the Facebook page of the Western Regional Department of the SBGS - it is updated every three hours. In particular, at the time of writing, the site shows that the waiting time for Smilnytsia - Krostenko for cars is only 4 seconds - for exit to Poland. But freight transport, for example, on Krakivets - Korchova point, will have to wait more than 6 hours. You can make sure that the most empty location of the border crossing is chosen correctly thanks to online cameras on the SBGS website.

So far, the slowest traffic is at the checkpoints with Romania - standing in line for 20-25 minutes - and Hungary (up to an hour). The least busy destinations are Moldova and Slovakia. In general, all border crossing points (Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian and Moldovan), except the Polish ones, are now almost free, and our SBGS advises those, who are leaving Ukraine, to choose them.

It seems that the transport and human collapse of the first evacuation days is gradually subsiding. Mostly due to the fact that both our and neighboring border guards work around the clock, and the procedure of crossing the border has become as easy as possible. The only exception is border point Dzvinkove - which works 8:00-24:00 daily.

Warning! The travel ban for men of conscription age continues. You can only accompany your family to a border crossing point, but you will not be able to cross the border. Cases of bribery are clearly stopped by border guards, violators are handed over to police.

To learn about categories of men, who are entitled to leave Ukraine during martial law, click here