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14 Mar. 2022


Moldova: main information for refugees from Ukraine


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Moldova: main information for refugees from Ukraine

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Rules of entry into Moldova:

Entry rules:

 • Ukrainians are allowed to cross the border without a passport. You must have an ID card or internal passport

 • Crossing restrictions on border crossing have been lifted

 • Children under the age of 18 must have a birth certificate or a domestic or foreign passport

 • Crossing the border by car is possible without a green card policy, but in the first 24 hours after entering Moldova, the owners of such cars must purchase a policy on the spot

 • Asylum can be requested at any point on the Moldovan border, at any police station, as well as at the offices of the Migration Bureau. Your oral application is enough to apply for asylum. Employees of the structure to which they applied will help Ukrainians to fill in the documents


 • In order to facilitate the movement of Ukrainian refugees, on March 4, 2022, an additional train was launched on the regular route Chisinau - Iasi - Chisinau with the following schedule:

09:45 departure from Chisinau - 14:24 arrival in Iasi

11:40 departure from Yass - 16:05 arrival in Chisinau

Tickets for this train can be purchased at Chisinau Railway Station at 8:00.

Ticket prices are 90, 100 and 130 lei, depending on the class. In the following days tickets can be purchased:

Online (only for flights on the following days, but not on the day of departure) https://bit.ly/bileteiasi

For more information on train routes and ticket prices, please call +37322833333


 • Airbnb for refugees https://news.airbnb.com/help-ukraine/ 

 • Wunderflats have made a special part on their website about very cheap or even free apartments for rent for Ukrainians https://wunderflats.com/page/ukraine/tenants-in-need-en 

 • Free accommodation throughout Europe https://prykhystok.in.ua/find 

 • Free accommodation throughout Europe https://www.shelter4ua.com/ 

 • Very cheap or even free rent of apartments for Ukrainians https://www.host4ukraine.com/ 

Apply for accommodation:





 • Zimbru Football Club Chisinau provides assistance and accommodation and meals at the base on Butukului Street to Ukrainian refugees


 • MedExpert will provide free medical diagnostic services to Ukrainian refugees throughout Moldova


+373 22 811 181

Creme de la Creme - free coffee and food


Black Rabbit gastro burrow - free lunch / dinner


Simplu Delicios - hot lunch


Moldtelecom provides free SIM cards for calls at border crossings with Moldova: 



 • An identity document is required for employment




Moldova Lawyers' Legal Center:

+373 60574848

+373 60966760

+373 60238927

 +373 79586779

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova:

+373 22 582 284

+373 22 582 151

+373 22 582 423

+373 68 527 183

P. V.Lupu, 17, Chișinău, 2008

Migration and Asylum Hotline:



Border Police Hotline of the Republic of Moldova: