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14 Mar. 2022


Breaking news digest for March 14



Breaking news digest for March 14

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• In his daily speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the citizens of Ukraine and congratulated them on the Day of Volunteer Fighter, and urged small and medium-sized businesses to start rebuilding the economy. If entrepreneurs and employees have the opportunity the President called on them to go working. The President pointed out that taxes will be reduced so that business in Ukraine could develop in the postwar period.

 • Transport connections between occupied Energodar and the south-eastern city of Zaporizhzhiia have been lost. The occupiers bombed the bridge in the area of ​​Kamianske, through which the "green corridor" was to pass. Humanitarian convoys and evacuation of people are still impossible, and the detour - only runs through bad roads on hot spots, where the enemy's battle positions are located. Russian troops do not let through Tokmak, which is located to the east of Energodar and  on the road to Zaporizhzhia and other settlements along the way - Energoatom reports.

 • Today, the first humanitarian convoy left the long-suffering Mariupol, and is already in Zaporizhzhia region. It is known as of 1 pm that more than 160 private cars left Mariupol on the way to the city of Berdyansk. We remind you that it was previously impossible to evacuate civilians from Mariupol due to constant shelling and siege of the city by the occupiers. As of now, it is known that Mariupol residents, who drove their cars, have already passed Berdyansk and continue moving in the direction of Zaporizhia. There is also confirmation that silence regime is currently being observed along the established humanitarian corridor.

 • The official channel of the Kyiv City State Administration reported in Telegram that an airstrike on the capital, Kyiv, was carried out today. An enemy missile hit residential areas in Kurenivka and Obolon, damaging homes and land vehicles, and killing two Kyiv residents in two airstrikes on civilian targets of no military strategic value.