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14 Mar. 2022


Is it possible to get a biometric passport in Poland?



Is it possible to get a biometric passport in Poland?

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Some people who are now in Poland are wondering if it is possible to get a biometric passport on its territory. This issue is relevant for those who did not take care of obtaining this type of document in advance while living in their homeland, or those who lost it during the evacuation. Our editorial office asked the State Migration Service of Ukraine and the official channels of the consuls for advice on this issue.

It should be mentioned that back in 2018, the Ukrainian Migration Service launched an online registration service for obtaining a biometric passport, which could be used by anyone who is currently, for example, in Poland.  However, since the beginning of martial law, its services have temporarily suspended their work. But do not worry that without this document you will not be able to get to this friendly country and live there for some time.

Since the beginning of Russia's armed aggression, the Polish side has simplified the border crossing procedure for Ukrainians as much as possible and promised full support to our citizens from finding temporary housing to medical care and food. You can make sure of this, as well as find out the coordinates of the help centers on the government website of the Republic of Poland. In particular, it is said that everyone is allowed to enter, despite having an entry permit, even only with an internal Ukrainian passport or an e-passport in Diya. However, without a passport at the border, you will need to apply for international protection.

Unfortunately, refugee status is associated with restrictions on employment and movement, but when you receive it, you go to the reception points, where they will help you with everything. Their addresses, depending on the province to which they come, can be found here.

If this is not enough, and you still want to take care of getting a new biometric document during your stay in Poland, you will be disappointed: according to the latest information published on the websites of consulates-general in voivodships, issuance of foreign biometric passports, we quote, "is problematic". This means that even if you apply to the office, you will be denied. So, either the status of a person in need of international asylum or not.

However, if you have an old passport, the same sites have information on the procedures for extending its validity (relevant if the document expires in 3 months or less), or extending the validity of a passport of a child under 12 years, or entering data  of children under 16 to the passport of one of the parents. To apply for this, you need to register in the electronic queue at this link. Adults and children with their own passport should only have an application and an old foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a copy of it. To extend the registration of a child in the parents' passport, in addition, prepare his/her birth certificate (legalized or issued in Poland, with Ukrainian translation, certified  by notary) and two photos 3,5x4,5. In general, until this passport has reached its expiration date, you can stay in Poland for the period allowed by it.

By the way, with a valid passport you can apply for a work and residence permit at these contacts.

Also important is to remark about those who were already in Poland legally at the beginning of the war, and whose work or student visas have now expired, etc.: they can stay in the country until it becomes safe in Ukraine. At least for 90 days every six months in accordance with the rules of visa-free travel.