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13 Jun. 2023


Entry to Ukraine from Germany: rules for obtaining a Ukrainian visa for foreigners

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Entry to Ukraine from Germany: rules for obtaining a Ukrainian visa for foreigners

German citizens need a visa to enter Ukraine. Learn more about the types of Ukrainian visas, how to confirm the purpose of your trip, and where to apply for a visa to enter Ukraine

Purchase insurance for safe entry to Ukraine
Purchase insurance for safe entry to Ukraine

The regime for entering Ukraine varies for citizens of different countries. Most foreigners who come to Ukraine from the European Union can stay here without a visa for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This rule also applies to German citizens who come to Ukraine for tourist purposes. However, there are cases when Germans need a visa. We will tell you in more detail when you need to apply for it and how to do it.

Read more about how to get from Germany to Ukraine, including convenient routes, here.

It should be noted that over 26 thousand tourists from Germany visited Ukraine in the first half of 2023.

Types of visas to enter Ukraine

Foreigners can apply for one of the following visas, depending on the purpose of their stay in the country:

1. Transit visa (type B). German citizens should choose this type of visa if they plan to transit through Ukraine for a period not exceeding 5 days.

This visa can be either single-entry or multiple-entry and is valid for one year or another period depending on the documents.

2. Short-term visa (type C). This is a popular type of visa among foreigners, as it allows you to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days within each 180-day period. The visa can be single or multiple entry and is valid for six months to five years.

3. Long-term (type D). This type of visa is issued to foreigners or stateless persons if they plan to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine (more than 90 days). 

Entry to Ukraine by German citizens for study or work 

German citizens who want to study or work in Ukraine must apply for a long-term visa that allows them to stay in the country for more than 90 days. To obtain it, a prospective student must submit a number of documents to the consulate or embassy of Ukraine.

Regardless of where the person submits the documents, they will be asked to attach the original "Invitation to study".

We emphasize that documents on previous education must be officially certified before submission to the consulate. These documents must be officially recognized in Ukraine in order for a Ukrainian university to issue a diploma upon graduation.

To be legally employed in Ukraine, Germans also need a type D visa. After obtaining it, a foreigner will be able to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. However, before submitting documents, you need to conclude an employment contract and make sure that the employer has a work permit for a German citizen.

Visa application process

German citizens need to apply to the Ukrainian embassy and submit a visa application. This should be done no earlier than 3 months before the date of entry into Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recommends that all foreigners fill out and register their visa applications online at Entering personal data in advance will save time and speed up the visa application process.

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Documents for obtaining a visa

According to the visa regulations of Ukraine, German citizens must submit the following documents

- a passport that is valid for more than three months after arrival in Ukraine, has more than 2 pages without any marks, and is issued for a period of less than 10 years;

- a printed and signed visa application form (download it here);

- a 35*45 mm photo of the applicant;

- a health insurance policy valid in Ukraine with a coverage of EUR 30,000 or more;

- proof of funds to cover expenses during the stay in Ukraine (for example, a bank statement);

- a document confirming the purpose of stay in Ukraine (it will differ for each type of visa).

For example, to obtain a short-term visa, an applicant must provide a letter of invitation or a document confirming the tourist purpose of stay. To obtain a long-term visa, a foreigner must provide a work permit, immigration permit, university invitation, etc.

Timeframe for obtaining a visa

The Embassy of Ukraine in Germany must issue a visa within the following timeframe:

 10 working days for a standard application. This period may be extended up to 30 days if additional verification of documents is required;

 up to 5 business days for an urgent application.

We would like to add that the embassy can change the number of days, so we advise you to check the deadlines when applying.

The cost of obtaining a visa

Due to the principle of reciprocity, German citizens do not pay a visa fee. 

Ukraine is open to foreigners. However, those who wish to visit should be aware of the current entry and security rules. Find out more about border crossing rules here.

Take care of your safety during your stay in Ukraine

In order to feel as safe as possible in Ukraine during the military operations, you need to take care of buying the proper insurance. You can do this by following the link.

In particular, there are three options for policies that include:

- Compensation for damages in case of an accident due to military operations or terrorist acts;

- Outpatient treatment and hospitalization;

- emergency care.

Read more about the benefits of military risk insurance in Ukraine here.

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