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28 May. 2024


Popular resorts for Ukrainians: ideal places for summer vacation without russians in 2024



Popular resorts for Ukrainians: ideal places for summer vacation without russians in 2024

For Ukrainians, a good vacation consists of several criteria: quality service, beautiful nature, a delicious buffet and the absence of citizens of the aggressor country. Find out more about where Ukrainians can spend a relaxing vacation without Russian tourists this year

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside Ukraine

The summer season is already in full swing, which means that Ukrainians are actively choosing a place for a well-deserved vacation. In light of the aggressive war waged by russia against Ukraine, citizens are trying to find resorts where they can relax without russians. 

One of the most common requests when buying tours today is hotels without russians. In the current environment, it is difficult to fully relax and enjoy your vacation. However, many Ukrainians want to travel abroad to improve their children's health, switch gears, take a breather, and return to work with renewed vigor on the road to Victory. Therefore, it is important to highlight the topic of hotels where contact with russian citizens can be minimized.

It is impossible to ban the entry of tourists based on their citizenship at the hotel level. Tourist flows are more influenced by international policy and border crossing rules set by individual countries. 

We'll tell you where to enjoy your vacation in the summer of 2024, minimizing the likelihood of meeting citizens of the aggressor country.

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Which countries have restricted entry for Russians?

The European Commission has released a statement clarifying the legislation on sanctions against russia. Particular attention was paid to the importation of vehicles registered in the russian federation into the territory of the European Union, as well as a possible ban on the importation of personal belongings. This indicates that it is becoming increasingly difficult for russians to visit the EU.

After the termination of the agreement on a simplified visa regime between russia and the European Union, it became more difficult for russians to enter the EU. The visa fee increased from 35 to 80 euros, and additional documents were required for entry, which increased the time it took to process visas. Some countries have stopped accepting russian documents for tourist visas altogether. These include Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland have the most severe restrictions on the entry of russians. russians cannot enter these countries by air or through seaports, even if they have a Schengen visa. This makes it much more difficult to travel to these countries.

In addition to Europe, dissatisfaction with russian tourists is observed in Thailand and Bali, where cases of arrests and deportations of russians have become more frequent. Such measures demonstrate the growing international pressure on Russia and the unwillingness to accept its citizens in many countries.

We have created a selection of countries where you can spend a wonderful summer vacation without the presence of citizens of the aggressor country!

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Norway, this northern land, can impress even the most demanding tourists with its natural beauty, outshining popular tropical resorts. The country is known for its stunning fjords, amazing glaciers, endless forests, and tumultuous waterfalls. In addition to the unsurpassed natural landscapes, Norway also fascinates with its Viking heritage, distinctive modernity, exciting fishing and interesting sights of large cities. The delicious local cuisine, including whale meat, venison, salmon and juniper sauces, adds even more to the country's appeal.

Summer is the best time to travel to Norway, thanks to comfortable temperatures and long days of light. The further north you go, the longer the sun shines. For example, in Svalbard, from April 20 to August 22, the sun does not set at all. However, this period also sees the highest prices of the year and crowds of tourists. In summer, it's ideal to explore glaciers, admire fjords, visit waterfalls, or go hiking.

Norway offers a variety of outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, horseback riding, rafting, and various excursions. A stay at a spa hotel on the fjord coast will ensure complete relaxation. Traveling to charming Norwegian cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Aalesund, and Trondheim allows you to immerse yourself in the history of each of them and enjoy their unique atmosphere.

Swimming in the summer on the fjords, rivers and lakes is also a popular pastime as the water warms up to 22 degrees. The Lofoten Islands with their white sandy beaches and VIP hotels offer an unforgettable vacation.

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands, located in Western Europe, is one of the founding members of the European Union and is known for its diversity. Although most people associate this country with the Red Light District, tulip fields, and unconventional coffee shops - “coffee shops” - the Netherlands offers much more than it might seem at first glance.

The summer season in the Netherlands is a cool and fresh experience. Even on the sunniest days, the temperature rarely exceeds +23...+25°C, which ensures a comfortable stay without stifling heat. Daylight hours in summer are 6-7 hours. The weather is usually moderately cloudy with short-term rains, after which the temperature drops slightly. Such conditions are ideal for elderly tourists and families with small children.

Beach vacations in the Netherlands last from mid-June to August, coinciding with the period of mass vacations. Although Dutch tour operators do not always consider beach vacations as the main destination, seaside resorts are not empty in summer. They offer vacationers many opportunities for practicing various sports, which adds variety to the traditional beach vacation.

Summer dance festivals, carnivals, and youth music add liveliness to the relaxed rhythm of resort life. For connoisseurs of classical music and opera, the Netherlands offers the Robeco Festival, where works by Brahms and Beethoven are performed, creating an atmosphere of refined aesthetic pleasure.

Active recreation in the Netherlands in the summer is associated with cycling, as the country is famous for its bike paths. However, during the massive influx of tourists, bike paths can be overcrowded. Alternative sports activities during this period include trekking, sailing, fishing, and horseback riding.