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20 May. 2024


Unusual places for summer vacation in Ukraine

Unusual places for summer vacation in Ukraine

Can't wait for your summer vacation and are counting down the days until your dream vacation? Don't be discouraged by closed borders or lack of air travel, as Ukraine has many options for incredible and interesting trips. Find out more about unusual places for summer vacation in Ukraine

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

Summer is the perfect time for adventures and carefree vacations. Our country has a lot of unique natural resources and tourist gems, so there are plenty of options for your vacation! The main thing is not to forget to bring a sunny mood with you. We will help you choose the perfect tour and spend your vacation without any problems and hassle.

Our team has prepared for you a selection of unusual locations for a summer vacation in Ukraine.

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It's impossible to talk about vacations in Ukraine without mentioning Odesa. Everyone should visit this city on the Black Sea at least once. Odesa is a place where history is harmoniously combined with the sea. Here you will find wide beaches with soft sand and clear water, ideal for family vacations. Developed infrastructure, cozy cafes and restaurants on the waterfront create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness for all guests.

Odesa is famous for its old courtyards, which have a special atmosphere. They give the city a unique charm. In addition, Odesa is known for its theaters, numerous restaurants and pubs where you can taste delicious food and enjoy live music. The city is also rich in cultural and entertainment events, which makes your vacation here even more eventful.

Everyone will find something to do in Odesa, because this city is saturated with humor, sun and color. But every tourist on vacation in Odesa should take a photo with Duke, count the steps on the Potemkin Stairs, walk down Deribasovskaya Street, go to the opera, swim on a boat, go shopping at Privoz, and try the real Odesa forshmak.

Odesa is a place where you can feel the true atmosphere of a southern city while enjoying a vacation on clean sandy beaches. Visit Odesa and see its charm and charm for yourself, because you can describe all its charms endlessly!