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22 Mar. 2022


How to buy Ukrzaliznytsia tickets for international flights?

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How to buy Ukrzaliznytsia tickets for international flights?

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Directions: Kyiv-Chelm, Dnipro-Chelm, Kharkiv-Chelm (by appointment)

Tickets can be purchased in the chatbot and on the Ukrzaliznytsia website. When searching for a route, it is necessary to dial connections within Ukraine, namely Kyiv-Yagodyn. This will be a ticket to Helm.

Direction: Odesa-Przemysl

Tickets on the Ukrzaliznytsia website and at the box office.

Direction: Kyiv-Warsaw

Tickets at the box office and on the website of Ukrzaliznytsia, search the station Warsaw-East.

There is also a daily train on the Lviv-Przemysl route.

Austria and Hungary

Direction: Kyiv-Vienna

Tickets to the car 21/431 only at the box office, to the car Vienna-Kyiv 22/432 - on the website of the Austrian Railways OEBB. For technical reasons, the train can go to the station. Zachon or Art. Budapest, from where it is possible to change to free trains for Ukrainians to Vienna.

The same for the Kyiv-Budapest connection, with trains stopping under Art. Kőbánya felső (Budapest) with a transfer to the BOK Stadium, where there is a volunteer station with the possibility of further travel to the airport and other stations of the Hungarian capital.

Direction: Chop-Zakhon

The flight is regular, eight pairs of trains run every 3 hours during the day. The cost is about 102 hryvnias, depending on the euro exchange rate.

Slovakia and Romania

Trains Chop-Cierna nad Tisou-Kosice and Odesa-Izmail-Isakca also run daily

Importantly! All EU countries bordering Ukraine are allowed to cross the border if they have a foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine (biometric and non-biometric) or a regular passport of a citizen of Ukraine. It is also possible to enter with any identity document or without documents. Each case is considered individually.

Detailed rules of entry and stay in the world are updated on VisitUkraine.Today.