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06 Aug. 2023


Ukrainian Maldives: grab the last opportunity to relax this summer



Ukrainian Maldives: grab the last opportunity to relax this summer

The nature of Ukraine is amazing: it has its own deserts, spectacular cliffs and canyons, caves, and thermal health waters. However, the most popular locations among travelers are amazing lakes with beautiful blue water. Find out about the top incredible beaches and places that are often compared to the Maldives

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Ukraine is a country that hides in its embrace the boundless beauty and diversity of natural wonders that are as good as any exotic resort destination. Among the many natural wonders that Ukraine has to offer, a special place is occupied by incredible travel destinations, often compared to the exotic Maldives.

We're going to tell you about the most beautiful beaches in Ukraine, where you should definitely have time to relax.

Blue lakes


The uniqueness of the blue lakes of Oleshnya lies not only in the amazing beauty of the reservoirs, but also in the fact that the bottom of the lakes is covered with quartz sand, which is used in the production of glass.

This sand is different in nature and color from ordinary sand and gives the water a bright blue color. That is why the lake is called "blue".

Granite quarry (Cherepashynetsky)

The Cherepashynetsky quarry is located in the Kalynivka district of Vinnytsia region. The lake and its surroundings are popularly called the "Vinnytsia Maldives" because of the unusual blue color of the water.

Indeed, the water in the lake is extremely clear and has a slightly bluish tint. The rocky shores of the lake and coniferous vegetation create a landscape unusual for Ukraine. You can feel that you are swimming in a distant and warm country.

The water miracle is located near the village of Cherepashyntsi, on the site of an old quarry where granite was once mined.

The depth of some reservoirs reaches about 100 meters. Today, the lake is one of the most popular recreational reservoirs in Vinnytsia region.

White Lake

This is the second largest lake in the Rivne region.

The secret of the healing power of the White Lake lies in the very high content of glycerin in the water. It treats skin diseases and has a positive effect on the skin.

The lake also has a mysterious legend. According to legend, once upon a time there was a village with a church in the center. Once the village was flooded, and the lake was formed. And thanks to a miraculous icon in the church, the water in the lake had a healing effect.

The Yin-Yang Islands


The Dniester Canyon is quite wide and flows through a deep valley with high banks on both sides. In the middle of the river are two islands, Yin and Yang.

The name comes from the fact that the long island is divided by a narrow and curved strait. During floods, the islands are strongly separated from each other and completely submerged, with only the tops of trees visible above the water.

However, during drought, the straits narrow or disappear completely, the islands merge and beautiful sandy beaches form around them.

The average height of the water surface is high enough for trees and shrubs to grow comfortably. Both sides of the canyon are completely covered with vegetation, which together forms a magnificent and unforgettable landscape.

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Basalt Lake


Basalt Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Rivne region, attracting hundreds of visitors.

The quarry is flooded and is particularly picturesque due to its basalt walls and calm water surface. In the center of the lake is a small island known as the "Island of Love".

The depth of the quarry is about 9 meters. The water comes from underground. It is clear and emerald in color, like on tropical islands. There are also majestic basalt columns at the bottom of the lake, which is why it is so popular among divers.

Vilnohirsk quarry

In the Dnipro region, not far from the city of Vilnohirsk, there is a lake with turquoise water and white sand dunes, which is called the Dnipro Maldives.

It is popular because of its crystal clear water and white sand, which is fascinating and reminiscent of foreign tropical islands. It has become a popular place for beach recreation, swimming and photography.

Blue Lake


One of the most beautiful places within a 15-minute drive from Kyiv is the Blue Lake in the village of Pidhirtsi, Obukhiv district.

This is a natural reservoir that is very popular among Kyiv residents and locals. Tall trees grow along the shores of the reservoir, and the sandy beach is surrounded by grass.

Clear cold water, gently sloping sandy bottom and the blue surface of the lake, which reflects the sky and clouds - this is how vacationers describe Blue Lake. Such a beautiful place has its own amenities. There are three large sandy beaches on the shore of the reservoir.

Each of these unique lakes and canyons with beaches can be easily reached by train or bus. You can choose plane, bus or train tickets within Ukraine and between cities around the world here.

For your convenience, we also recommend booking a hotel in the desired region of Ukraine in advance.

These incredible lakes and beaches amaze with their beauty, clear water and sandy beaches. To enjoy the "Ukrainian Maldives", wonderful vacation spots that will take you away from the bustling city life, you can choose a tour of Ukraine to your liking.

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