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29 Mar. 2022


Useful information about the exchange of hryvnia in cash abroad

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Useful information about the exchange of hryvnia in cash abroad

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In the first days of the war, many Ukrainians tried to withdraw as much cash as possible, thinking that it would be both more convenient and safer. Those who were later forced to go abroad faced the huge problem of exchanging cash hryvnia for local currency.

🏦 Some banks have already started exchanging cash hryvnia abroad for another currency using this mechanism. Also, due to the constant flow of refugees from Ukraine to the EU, many European banks offer Ukrainians a simplified procedure for opening a bank account and crediting funds to it. 

Below is information where Ukrainians abroad can already exchange cash hryvnia for foreign currency at an acceptable rate or put money in bank accounts.

💳 At the same time, the National Bank continues to recommend to all those who only intend to evacuate abroad, not to take cash with them, but to deposit it in their bank accounts in Ukraine. After all, having a payment card, you can pay non-cash and withdraw money at ATMs abroad.

‼ ️ The National Bank did not impose any restrictions on non-cash payments both within the country and abroad.

✅ Poland

From March 25, Ukrainians can apply to separate branches of PKO Bank Polski to exchange cash hryvnia for Polish zlotys.

Adult citizens of Ukraine will be able to exchange up to 10 thousand hryvnias in cash per person. Banknotes of 100 to 1,000 hryvnia denominations will be accepted for exchange (lower denomination banknotes and coins will not be accepted for exchange). For exchange you need to have a passport in the form of an ID card or a valid foreign passport.

📍 List of branches where you can exchange: 

 👉 Details: 

✅ Hungary

In Hungary, OTP Bank exchanges cash hryvnia.

In the branches of this bank, Ukrainian citizens can exchange hryvnia for Hungarian forints within the limit of UAH 15,000 per transaction.

In addition, the bank offers to open an account in forints in special branches of OTP Bank in Hungary, which provide this service.

This opportunity is available to Ukrainians aged 18 (aged 14 to 18, the presence of parents or legal guardians is required) if you have a valid passport or travel document.

📍 List of branches and detailed information: 


✅ Moldova

To support the citizens of Ukraine, OTP Bank will conduct foreign exchange transactions with Ukrainian currency in its branches located in the border regions of Moldova and in some branches in Chisinau.

Exchange transactions will be carried out primarily on the basis of an identity card issued by the authorities of Ukraine (domestic or foreign passport).

To ensure equal access to such foreign exchange transactions, the bank has set a limit on hryvnia exchange - up to UAH 3,000 per client per day.

📍 List of branches and detailed information: 

✅ Romania

In Romania, the Ukrainian hryvnia is exchanged for Romanian lei by Banca Comercială Română.

The 11 branches of this bank near the border with Ukraine are additionally supported by cash to help Ukrainians crossing the border of this country.

Citizens of Ukraine can exchange hryvnias worth up to 1,000 Romanian lei per person with a valid foreign passport.

📍 List of branches where you can exchange: 

👉 Details: 

✅ Slovakia

In Slovakia, Tatra banka (a subsidiary of the Raiffeisen Group) started exchanging hryvnias for euros.

The daily limit per person is 250 euros. During the exchange of money, citizens of Ukraine must provide a valid foreign passport.

The exchange takes place in Bratislava at the bank's head office, located in the Tatracentrum shopping center on Hodžovo námestie (from 9.00 to 15.00).

Additional exchanges are expected to appear in Humennoye and Mikhalovtsi in the near future. You can find out the date of their opening on the bank's website.

In addition, Ukrainians will be able to open an account in Tatra banka branches, to which cash hryvnia will be credited on the payment card according to the euro exchange rate.

📍 More details at the link: 

✅ Austria

In Austria, you can exchange cash hryvnia for euros at Raiffeisen bank and Erste Bank Oesterreich branches.

📌 Raiffeisen bank

One person can exchange up to 500 euros a day with a valid foreign passport.

List of links to branches where you can exchange cash hryvnia:

▪️ Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria: 

▪️ Salzburg:

▪️ Carinthia: 

▪️ Burgenland: 

Raiffeisen bank also announced the emergence of cash hryvnia exchange services in Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. The bank will inform about it additionally.

📌 First Bank Austria

One person can exchange up to 300 euros, for this you also need to have a valid foreign passport.

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