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01 Apr. 2022


Rules for using your private car in European countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Moldova

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Rules for using your private car in European countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Moldova

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

Immediately note the issue of legality of the driver's license. All EU countries, which will be discussed below, recognize national driver's licenses (only in plastic in Latin) with international driver's license in addition to them. If you have old-style Ukrainian licese or it is running out just in time when you are in Europe as a seeker of temporary protection from war, you will have to exchange them for those that are valid in the host country.

You can get an international driver's license here if you need it in your country of residence. Note that the executed document does not guarantee its recognition in electronic form by the relevant control authorities of the country in which you are, as it is essentially a translation of your Ukrainian license. Regarding the possibility of using the digital version and obtaining paper international driver's licenses, you can specify when ordering on the same site.

Almost for the duration of Ukraine's visa-free regime with the EU (3 weeks), your international driver's license must be recognized in Europe, but later you will have to exchange it for a license of your country of residence. For more detailed information on the use of your driver's license, contact the relevant tourist office, embassy or car rental company. Note that even with an international driver's license you always need to have the original Ukrainian one.

Lots of useful information on travelling by car can be found here


Your license, in general, used to be valid in Poland for six months. However, recently a law was passed (effective from 24.02.2022) stating that it is valid until 31.12.2022. Then it will be necessary to exchange it for Polish one.

To do this, prepare:

• translation of your license (50-70 PLN),

• one 3x4 photo,

• medical examination (PLN 100-150) - this is if your own license is coming to an end (you go to a special doctor - examination and questionnaire),

• certificate from the consulate on the validity of license (35 euros),

• a copy of the license, passport, meldunka, pesel.

To replace your license, register with the communication department of the city / city administration (Wydział Komunikacji Urzędu miasta / Starostwo Powiatowe) to apply, pay the consular fee (details: - a receipt of payment plus all these documents. The Polish authorities will then contact our consulate, verify the authenticity of your license and provide a valid Polish copy. Here are the fees of all consular actions. Contacts of our consulates in Poland: .

You can register your car according to these instructions: (Ukrainian). Traffic rules (differences from Ukraine): .


Ukrainian license is valid for 6 months from the date of arrival. Next you will need to pass an exam in theory and practice (apply to the local driving school) to get German one. International Ukrainian driving license does not need translation, but national one does. Contact the ADAC to do this. According to the insurance, if you do not have a green card, unfortunately, the Germans will not give it to you ( They advise to apply to Ukrainian insurers and get insurance electronically - they will accept it. But by the end of May 2022, if you get into an accident, the German Union of Insurers will bear all the costs. 

You can register your car at, for example, for Hanover and the surrounding area. Here is another service: Here you can find a list of documents and contacts.

There are parking lots where you can stand for 1-2 hours for free with a blue parking marker (Parkscheibe) under the windshield (there is a clock hand - set the time for how long you will stand). Paid parking is usually at least 50 cents / hour. Fines are immediately painful for almost any violation. By the way, you can't sit in a running car for more than 3 minutes (you can't warm up!).


Cars with Ukrainian license plates can be parked for free in public places until April 30. Next you will need to buy special tickets at gas stations, cigarette vending machines, tobacco kiosks or in the electronic application ( Cars can be placed in a paid garage: In general, about parking lots, toll roads, some features of traffic, everything you need can be read here (

For the first six months after entry, you can safely travel with Ukrainian license, then you have to exchange them for Austrian one (the process takes 2-3 months). List of documents: (doctor's certificate, translation of Ukrainian license, original + 2 copies, Meldezettel + copy, photo, application). With them you go to the police, then enroll in a driving school, pass an exam and finally get the license. The ÖAMTC club will help with the translation of the license (you can still ask the Embassy about this, but it is unknown at this time whether they will do it or a private notary will). Regarding registration, it must be done within a month (after you register at the place of residence). This is done in insurance agencies (the list can be found here). Price and procedure: .


To replace your driver's license with a Slovak one, you will not be able to get a certificate from the consular department about the validity of the existing one - information from the website of the Consulate of Ukraine in Slovakia. However, on this resource you can replace the Ukrainian license without exams. Of course, if you have it valid and you have a residence permit (the status of temporary protection in the rights is equated to it).

Car registration at the place of residence: . Tips on speed, features of traffic rules, toll roads and more: .


Does not require a green card for entry, but it will need to be purchased here within 24 hours. Free charging of electric cars, free technical assistance to motorists, rules and a lot of useful information. Vehicle registration: 

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