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03 Apr. 2022


Deutsche Bahn offers employment for Ukrainian refugees

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Deutsche Bahn offers employment for Ukrainian refugees

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The German railway operator Deutsche Bahn offers Ukrainian refugees employment and will provide free consultations to guide Ukrainians in the German labor market.

"If you have had to leave Ukraine for Germany in search of temporary asylum and you have questions about how to navigate the German labor market, we offer you free consultations and employment options both at Deutsche Bahn and abroad," it is said in the message. 

The company offers to contact them from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 10:00 by writing your question to [email protected]. There is also a toll-free hotline +49 30 29734949 for consultations, staffed in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German and providing initial advice on general and employment issues in Germany.

At Deutsche Bahn you can get a job in about 500 professions. "It is possible to find a job through initial training, retraining, vacancies for qualified professionals and scientists," - it is said in the statement.

More information on working conditions is available on the Deutsche Bahn website.