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06 Apr. 2022


Financial aid to Ukrainians in Poland

For refugees


Financial aid to Ukrainians in Poland

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Residents of Ukraine who left for Poland because of the war will be able to receive financial assistance from the UN for at least 3 months. PLN 700 for the first person and PLN 600 for the next four family members can be provided to refugees from Ukraine with the assistance of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Ukrainians who arrived in Poland on February 24, 2022 and later can apply for financial assistance. The cash benefit will be provided once a month and will be paid for at least 3 months. You do not have to be a citizen of Ukraine to register for the payout program. Assistance will also be provided to persons who had been in Ukraine legally but were forced to leave its territory due to the war and will be able to prove it.

To apply for financial aid, you need to fill out the form. When the meeting date is available, you will be sent a text message to your mobile phone inviting you to come to one of the centers. Please note that you will only receive a text message when there is a free date for the meeting. Due to the large number of requests, sending a text message may take several days after your request.

To fill in, you need a Polish phone number for each adult who fills out the application. You must have a passport or other identity document for the meeting. You will also need a document confirming the date of entry into Poland.

During the meeting, applicants will be asked to provide fingerprints: this is due to the security of the transfer of funds. After visiting the center and registration, program participants will receive an SMS with a unique BLIK number and information on the amount of assistance. Then within 7 days you need to withdraw money at an ATM, selecting the option "BLIK withdrawal". To withdraw funds, you will need the password that applicants will receive during registration. It is very important to withdarw the entire amount at once, because the BLIK code is one-time. Money can be withdrawn at most ATMs in Poland - Santander Bank, PKO BP, Millennium, BNP Paribas, mBank, ING, SGB, Euronet, Planet Cash.

In a month, the person covered by the program will receive an SMS with a new BLIK code to withdraw the amount for the next month. It is important that if you change your phone number, lose your BLIK code or password, you will need to visit the center in person again.