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Parking at airports in Poland: how much it costs and what you need to know about it

Parking at airports in Poland: how much it costs and what you need to know about it

When traveling to Poland, it is important to consider not only the beauty of its sights, but also some airport features, including parking. Find out more about what parking services are available at Polish airports

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

When you go on a trip, one of the questions that often arises is the cost of parking at airports. Poland is the most popular destination for Ukrainians, as well as other residents of European countries. However, before you start traveling by your own car, it is useful to know how much you will spend on parking at the airports of this country.

It's worth noting that the most visited airports in Poland are located in cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, and Katowice.

Read here what is happening on the Ukrainian-Polish border after the blockade began.

Prices for parking

Warsaw Chopin Airport

The largest international airport in Poland, located in the capital city of Warsaw (Okence district). For example, in 2021, the airport received 7.4 million passengers, and a year earlier the passenger traffic exceeded 10 million people.

The airport offers a wide range of services and amenities. If you are departing from Frydor Chopin Airport or connecting to another flight, there are facilities at your disposal, including parking. However, you will have to pay to park your car.

Parking is available around the clock. To order it on the Warsaw Chopin Airport website, you need to make a reservation in the Parking section 24 hours before arrival at the airport.

On the same page you can see the current prices of the service. The total cost of the service, including parking, starts from 260 zlotys (approximately 2200 hryvnias) for the first 24 hours. At the same time, you will have to pay 290 zlotys (about 2.5 thousand UAH) for two days.

- 3 days - 370 zlotys (approximately 3200 hryvnias);

- 4 days - 420 zlotys (approximately 3600 hryvnias);

- 5 days - 500 PLN (about 4300 UAH);

- 6 days - 530 PLN (approximately 4600 UAH);

- 7 days - 580 PLN (about 5000 UAH).

Katowice Corfanta Airport

The international airport is located in Pyzowice, 30 km north of Katowice city center.

The airport has three passenger terminals A, B (departures) and C (arrivals), as well as a cargo terminal. Terminal A handles all non-Schengen flights, while Terminal B handles all Schengen flights. 

It is worth noting that passenger traffic at Katowice Airport is growing every year. In 2017, it amounted to almost 3.9 million people per year. 

The airport's parking lot is traditionally divided into three zones: unguarded parking lot P1, unguarded parking lot P2, and guarded parking lot Premium.

An hour of parking in P1 will cost customers 7 zlotys (about 60 UAH), while P2 and Premium parking will cost 10 zlotys (87 UAH). 

If you want to leave your car for longer, for example, from 8 to 24 hours, you will have to pay 100 zlotys (870 UAH) at P1, and only 60 zlotys (520 UAH) at P2. Premium parking with 24-hour security will cost 150 PLN (1300 UAH). You can book parking here.

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Krakow-Balice Airport

The airport, named after John Paul II, is located 11 km west of the center of Krakow. It is the second airport in Poland after Warsaw Chopin Airport in terms of both the number of passengers received and the number of takeoffs and landings. For example, in 2019, the airport received more than 8.4 million passengers.

The airport has a multi-level parking lot, as well as two parking lots with the possibility of short-term and long-term parking.

The parking lots closest to the terminal cost PLN 15 per hour (UAH 130), while the parking lots further away cost PLN 11 per hour (UAH 95). The price for long-term parking depends on the parking lot.

In addition, there are private parking lots in the immediate vicinity of the airport that offer customers to leave their cars for a week. For such parking spaces, you will have to pay from 100 to 145 zlotys (870 - 1262 UAH).

Gdansk Airport

The international airport is located in Gdańsk, not far from the urban center of the Trujmisto agglomeration. In 2019, Gdansk Airport handled 5,376,120 passengers.

The airport has two passenger terminals (T1 and T2). The new terminal, called Terminal T2, is a modern building with distinctive architectural elements, such as a roof that imitates the waves of the sea.  

There are several parking lots at Gdansk Airport. Some of them are designed for short-term parking, where you will have to pay not even by the hour: from 10 minutes to an hour, the price of parking will increase from 3 zlotys (26 UAH) to 18 zlotys (156 UAH).

However, you can leave your car near the airport for a longer period. At the P3 parking lot, passengers will have to pay PLN 145 (UAH 1262) for 7 days of parking. At the same time, P4 services are slightly cheaper - for a week of parking, customers pay PLN 121 (UAH 1053).

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We remind you! Today, those wishing to travel by air can use the services of airports and airlines operating in Ukraine's neighboring countries. We are going to tell you about the most popular airports among Ukrainians that are located as close as possible to the Ukrainian border.

Photo: pixabay.com

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