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Employment in the Czech Republic: information for refugees from Ukraine



Employment in the Czech Republic: information for refugees from Ukraine

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Czech Republic has opened its labor market to Ukrainians who have applied for temporary protection in that country. However, unfortunately, without knowledge of the language, our fellow citizens can only count on unskilled work.

About the available opportunities, employment procedure and documents, useful contacts for applications - further in our article.

Overcoming the language barrier

As soon as the flow of our refugees decreased, the Czech Republic created a sufficient number of opportunities to master at least the basics of the country's language. After all, there are vacancies for them - many companies and private entrepreneurs have announced their intention to accept Ukrainians into their staff, but as soon as it comes to some communication with Czech-speaking staff or customers, they can not help. Isolated cases when Ukrainians who know Czech already work in the state, and, of course, can help with the translation of newcomers are a luck, but rare one.

Here are some resources to help you overcome the language barrier and then get a job (for temporary protection or a special visa): (intensive)

For more resources for learning Czech check the article

Documents and resumes

You do NOT need a permit or work visa to work in the Czech Republic. Temporary protection status or tolerance visa will suffice. Even if your passport was lost during the evacuation, you will be hired on the basis of an internal ID card and an identity certificate issued by the shelter. In no case should you apply for asylum (Asylum) - this will limit you not only in movement but also in employment.

Of course, the more documents you managed to take out, the better it is. However, without local legalization, all employment records, diplomas and certificates (as not internationally recognized) are useless. Consular legalization may currently be temporarily unavailable due to the excessive workload on these institutions. In this case, the only way out is to apply to a local translator with a notarized certificate (sworn or court translation, as they say here). Consider the advice of the Ukrainian community in the Czech Republic on this issue:

Also, in the vast majority of cases, you will need a resume in Czech (or at least English).

Here are tips for drafting it, and you can download the templates here: And here is the relevant useful terminology in Czech. Here you can fill it in online and just save it or print it out.

Labor market. What can you expect?

In general, the Czech Republic currently has the largest shortage of construction workers and those working with metal - even without knowledge of the language it will be easy to get a job. However, given that most of our refugees are women, a relatively small percentage will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

It is easiest for IT workers - it is international and cross-planetary, and after the pandemic has almost completely moved to the rails of remote work, so as you are emplyed there, you can work from anywhere and for anyone (links to good options for such work follow below). Especially if you work in the field, you speak English as your second native, and it is understood everywhere.

Before advising current labor exchanges, retraining resources and other opportunities to earn, we warn against consent to illegal work (kitchen, cleaners, etc.). First, you will be fined or even deported, and it is unknown whether refugee status will save you from it.

Secondly, such workers are paid catastrophically little - it still will not solve your problems.

At the moment, by the way, a special law is being developed especially for Ukrainian teachers so that they can get a job under a simplified procedure even without knowing the language - we are waiting for good news!

Where to look for work?

There are two options: either you register at the Czech State Labor Exchange (through the Labor Office of the Czech Republic - see contacts below), or you look for a vacancy on your own, negotiate with the employer and then register according to current legislation. Detailed instructions on what to do in the first case:

You register as unemployed, you will be invited to meet, you will be consulted about your options, if necessary you will be sent to language courses, retraining courses and finally they will find you what suits you, etc.

In general, until you find a job, you will receive 5,000 kroons a month for six months (each month you must submit an application confirming that you have not yet been employed). Application to speed up registration for assistance:

Regarding the independent choice of proposals, we recommend the following resources:

1. Official vacancy exchange from the Labor Office of the Czech Republic:

2. International resources (with Ukrainian-language adaptation, especially for our refugees): 

Online work: 

For more international resources for searching employment check the article 

3. Czech private labor exchanges: (created especially for the current wave of Ukrainian refugees) (vacancies in Russian)

4. Personal offers:

Accountants, auditors or taxpayers interested in cooperation are encouraged to leave their ad on this site: or write to [email protected].

Ukrainian-speaking teachers who have just arrived in the Czech Republic are asked to fill out a form on the website - this is required by the Association of Our Teachers and Czech Schools / Kindergartens, which are attended by Ukrainian children now, in order to arrange for them studying at home in native language and according to the usual program (textbooks are promised to be provided by Western Ukraine).

The Czech National Agency for International Education and Research invites Ukrainian students and researchers to send all questions to [email protected], information on work in this field and proposals for scholarships for students can be found at and

If you want to work in agriculture, please contact here: 

What to do when you find a job?

You will need to enter into an employment contract with your employer and obtain a permit from the Employment Center of the Czech Republic of the relevant regional office. Complete step-by-step instructions

Useful links on employment and social protection issues

Answers to the most common questions about the work process (especially useful for mothers with children)

The main nuances of the Czech labor law (short adapted brochure in Ukrainian)

Precautions on how not to become a victim of human trafficking, where to address, if you face it.

Also, do not forget that the KACPU remains the main advisor on all aspects of life in the Czech Republic, including employment and receiving any social benefits. A list of these regional contact centers can be found here.