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How can a foreigner pay utility bills for an apartment in Ukraine?

For foreigners in UA
How can a foreigner pay utility bills for an apartment in Ukraine?

Paying utility bills is a quite common process for Ukrainians, but for foreigners in Ukraine, it can be a challenge. Find out how to pay utility bills online quickly and easily without leaving your home

Legal advice on entry and stay in Ukraine
Legal advice on entry and stay in Ukraine

Despite the war, a considerable number of foreigners come to Ukraine, including not only officials and journalists, but also military personnel and ordinary people who visit the country on business and obtain residence permits, including to help Ukraine as volunteers. This is evidenced by the requests that Visit Ukraine's team of lawyers receives on a daily basis. Thus, obtaining a residence permit is one of the most common requests among foreigners.

At the same time, life in Ukraine can be quite difficult for a person who speaks only a foreign language. After all, services and processes that are quite commonplace for Ukrainians, such as paying for utilities, can often be an asterisked task for a foreigner due to the lack of duplication of information in English. And despite the fact that Ukraine is actively working to popularize the English language, it is not enough for a foreigner to live comfortably in Ukraine.

To find out where to find housing for long-term and daily rent and how to avoid scams for foreigners in Ukraine, please follow the link. We will tell you how to pay for utilities and what you need to do for this in the article below.

Please note! To ensure a safe stay in Ukraine, a foreigner should take care of a proper insurance policy, as any foreign insurance is not valid in the country due to the martial law. On the Visit Ukraine website, you can take out reliable insurance covering direct and passive military risks. Read more about the benefits of such insurance here.

What utilities do I need to pay for in Ukraine?

In general, utilities include payments for: water supply and sewerage, electricity, gas supply, maintenance of the house and adjacent territory, and garbage collection. In winter, you also have to pay for heating. In addition, some buildings may additionally charge for intercom, concierge, janitorial services, parking, etc.

How do I pay for utilities in Ukraine through utility services?

In most cities of Ukraine, you can pay for utilities quickly and easily with the help of city utilities. For example, in Kyiv, there is a website called the Center for Public Utility Services (CPUS). Similar utility services are available in almost every city in Ukraine.

To pay for utilities, you just need to register and specify your residential address. All payments to the specified address will be displayed in your personal account.

Note that to activate the service, you need to enter a special key, which is located on the bill (in the lower left corner). Another option is to scan the QR code from the payment. When scanning, the person will be redirected to a website where all the receipts for utility payments for the apartment will be open.

Payment can be made through the Privat-24 app (if you have a bank account), Google/Apple Pay, or Masterpass and Visa e-wallets. A fee of UAH 10 is charged (regardless of the amount of payment, it is fixed).

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How can I pay for utilities using EasyPay?

Both registered and unregistered users can use the EasyPay platform. To make a payment, you need to select the "Utility bills" category on the home page, choose a city and find the "Utility bills by address" option. After that, all the bills listed at the selected address will be pulled up on the site. A 1% commission is charged when paying. 

How can I pay for utilities through a bank?

If a foreigner has a bank account, he or she can use online banking and pay for utilities through an app on the phone. However, it is worth noting that in some banks, the first payment will require manually entering all personal accounts and the recipient's data, which can be a difficult task for a foreigner. However, after the first payment, the data will be saved in the database, so you won't have to do this again, you will only need to provide meter readings in the apartment.

So, the algorithm of payment through online banking looks something like this:

1. Go to the bank's website/application on your phone

2. Find the section "Utility bills"

3. Specify the recipient's details: EDRPOU, company name or bank account number (IBAN)

4. Select a service provider

5. Enter the personal account number

6. Pay for the services

At the same time, in most banks, you can simply enter your full address and the information on all housing bills will be pulled up automatically. In general, the algorithm looks like this:

1. Open the bank's website/mobile application

2. Open the "Payments" category, and then select "Utility bills"

3. Specify the region, city, street, house and apartment number

4. Pay bills using the "Pay" button

If there are any difficulties with self-payment, a foreigner can contact the bank in person and pay for utilities through the terminal with the help of a bank employee.

At the same time, when renting an apartment in Ukraine, a foreigner can make his or her life easier and arrange for the payment of utilities with the landlord, as this is a fairly common practice in Ukraine. Thus, upon receipt of the payment, the required amount of money can be transferred to a card or given personally to the landlord, and he will pay all payments on his own.

We remind you! Foreigners can rent a car in Ukraine for their own needs, but there are certain nuances to consider. Read what requirements are imposed on foreign drivers, what you need to rent a car, and what companies and cars are best to choose in our previous article.

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