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16 Apr. 2022


Answers to frequently asked questions regarding migration issues for foreigners



Answers to frequently asked questions regarding migration issues for foreigners

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

1️⃣ What to do for foreigners whose term of stay has expired?

Everything remains the same here. As it was before the war. Detailed information on the extension of stay in Ukraine is available on the official website of the State Migration Service at the link: 

2️⃣ What to do if the permit of temporary or permanent residence expires? The foreigner is in Ukraine.

🔸 Contact the Migration Service. If in the region where the foreigner is located, the Migration Service has not resumed its work or has not resumed it in full, you can contact the unit in another region or wait until work resumes. There will be no administrative liability for the expired permit.

3️⃣ A foreigner went abroad without a permit (the permit is in the unit, etc.) or the permit expired while the foreigner was abroad.

🔸Entry into the territory of Ukraine is possible only on the basis of a new visa.

4️⃣ Is it possible to apply for refuge now?

🔸Theoretically it is possible. Practically - we advise you to directly contact the territorial body of the Migration Service, which is of interest to the person - for advice. You can also contact the telephone "hot line" in those territorial bodies / territorial divisions of the Migration Service, which are located in safe regions where there is no active hostilities (more here:

5️⃣ Why is there still no simplified regime for obtaining citizenship for Russian citizens who have long lived in Ukraine?

🔸Currently, this issue is on hold due to the martial law in our country and the war started by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

6️⃣ Where can I apply for citizenship?

🔸Currently, the provision of administrative services on citizenship has been suspended.