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14 Dec. 2023


Where to go skiing in Poland? Top of the most popular ski resorts



Where to go skiing in Poland? Top of the most popular ski resorts

Poland is rich in a large number of ski resorts for lovers of outdoor activities, skiing and snowboarding. Find out more about the top most popular ski resorts in the country

Choose a travel insurance policy for winter sports that covers a wide range of risks
Choose a travel insurance policy for winter sports that covers a wide range of risks

The ski season has started successfully, attracting tourists to resorts around the world, and Poland is no exception, reports.

There are currently many places available where both beginners and experienced athletes are offered excellent skiing conditions. Here's where you can go skiing and snowboarding. 

The most popular mountain resorts in Poland

There are several popular ski resorts in Poland where you can enjoy skiing.

• Czarna Góra Resort

Czarna Góra Resort is an exciting ski vacation destination located in the beautiful Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in the Klodzko County. The grand opening of the season traditionally takes place in early December, and this place attracts both beginners and experienced skiers.

The complex offers luxurious opportunities for entertainment and recreation, including 12 ski lifts, 14 ski slopes, as well as an ice rink for those who enjoy other winter sports. In addition, there is a walrus area on the territory, where you can get new experiences of extreme entertainment.

Prices for ski passes at the Čarna Góra resort are as follows:

• 7-hour ski pass: 140 PLN (120 PLN for children),

• Two-day ski pass: PLN 285,

• Three-day pass: PLN 385,

• Six-day pass: PLN 690,

• Pass for any 6 days: 795 PLN.

• Szczyrk Resort

Szczyrk Resort is a real paradise for skiers, located in the Silesian Beskids, not far from Katowice. This resort is recognized as one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in Poland.

Szczyrk offers an impressive number of ski slopes - more than 60 kilometers, among which there are trails for every skill level: from beginners to advanced skiers. All the slopes are equipped with mechanical lifts, including 2 chairlifts and 11 rope tows. In addition, access from one peak to another is possible by cable car without going into the valley.

During the low season (before December 24 and after March 11, 2024), the following ski pass prices apply to Shchyrka:

• Day pass: from 111 to 159 PLN,

• Two-day ski pass: from PLN 203 to PLN 309,

• Three-day ski pass: from 305 to 563 PLN,

• Six-day pass: from PLN 619 to 859.

Prices may vary depending on where and how you purchase your tickets, whether on-site or online in advance. 

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• Zieleniec Sport Arena

The Zieleniec Sport Arena is the largest ski resort in Poland, located in the picturesque Sowiech Mountains, not far from the town of Duszczykowy Zdrój. The resort is famous for its diversity, offering more than 30 kilometers of ski slopes that will satisfy both beginners and experienced skiers.

The sports scene in Zelenka impresses with slopes of varying difficulty, designed to meet the requirements of skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Everyone will find a track that suits their skills and desires.

During the low season, which lasts until December 21 and after March 11, 2024, the following prices for ski passes apply in Zelenka:

• 7-hour ski pass: PLN 115 (for children - PLN 100),

• Two-day ski pass: PLN 200,

• Three-day ski pass: 295 PLN,

• Six-day pass: 540 PLN.

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• Zakopane - the ski capital of Poland (Zakopane)

In the northern Tatra Mountains, near the ancient city of Zakopane, there is a famous ski resort that has been considered the "ski capital" of the country for several decades. It was opened in the early 20th century, and it has gained wide popularity among fans of skiing.

Zakopane can be easily reached from Krakow Airport, a distance of 110 kilometers. The resort offers 9 separate ski areas with 40 trails of varying difficulty and length. There are 49 lifts in total, providing convenient access to different parts of the resort.

Zakopane has professional black runs on the Kasprowy Wierch and Nosal mountains, which are certified by the FIS International Ski Association. In addition, the resort impresses with a variety of slopes, including those ideal for family skiing with children. The resort also has the country's largest ski jump, which adds to the fun for other winter sports enthusiasts.

A day pass for adults in Zakopane costs approximately 28 euros.


• Białka Tatrzańska

The popular ski resorts in Białka Tatrzańska, located in the Tatras Mountains, less than 100 kilometers from Krakow and half an hour's drive from Zakopane, offer excellent opportunities for skiing holidays. The resort has gained great popularity due to its modern infrastructure and active development.

Białka Tatrzańska has 19 kilometers of ski slopes, among which there are trails of varying difficulty, including those suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels. In recent years, 7 new ski lifts have been built here, which makes it easy to get around the resort.

In the low season (until December 24, 2023), the cost of ski passes in Białka Tatrzańska is:

• Day pass: PLN 150 (for children - PLN 140),

• Two-day pass: 285 PLN,

• Three-day pass: 410 PLN,

• Six-day pass: 740 PLN.

Prices may vary depending on whether tickets are purchased on-site or online, and also take into account the low season before the specified date.

We remind you! Winter travel is always a magical time filled with outdoor activities. It is worth remembering that traveling at this time of year also carries potential risks. Especially when skiing or snowboarding. Find out more about how to take care of your protection and where to buy an insurance policy for any eventuality.

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