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18 Apr. 2022


Is it possible to leave Ukraine without a foreign passport?



Is it possible to leave Ukraine without a foreign passport?

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Since February 24, 2022, tens of thousands of people in Ukraine have been fleeing the line of attack by the russian occupiers to safe places, both in the country and abroad.

Due to the fact that not every refugee has the opportunity to collect identity documents, or no passport at all, representatives of the State Border Service carry out the passage through the border for exit by citizens of Ukraine on internal passports or in exceptional situations even without them.

Admission of adult citizens of Ukraine is carried out on foreign passports in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of January 27, 1995 N 57.

The decision on the possibility of crossing the border on internal passports was made in view of the situation that is developing on the territory of Ukraine during martial law, when citizens of Ukraine cannot quickly and timely issue a passport.

We will remind that in safe regions citizens of Ukraine can recover the lost documents or order registration of the foreign passport. We have already written here about the Centers of Administrative Services that work.

Departure of minor children abroad

According to the State Border Guard Service, during martial law children under 16 can leave without the notarized consent of the other parent accompanied by one of the parents, grandparents, adult brothers, sisters, stepmother, stepfather or other persons authorized by one of the parents in writing, certified by the guardianship authority.

The child must have a foreign passport or birth certificate (in the absence of a passport), on the basis of which will be allowed to cross the state border.