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10 Jan. 2024


Who is not subject to conscription in 2024 and how to get a deferment?



Who is not subject to conscription in 2024 and how to get a deferment?

Martial law and general mobilization have been extended until at least February 14, 2024. Find out who cannot be compulsorily mobilized and who is entitled to a postponement of military service in 2024

Legal assistance on migration issues
Legal assistance on migration issues

Martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine continue, but the government continues to adopt new rules and laws on conscription. In addition, the Verkhovna Rada is currently actively discussing a new draft law that would amend the procedure for mobilization, demobilization and military registration.

We will tell you who is not subject to general mobilization and who is entitled to a deferment from military service now.

Who cannot be mobilized?

The following persons are not subject to general mobilization

– men over 60 years of age;

– reserved persons (citizens employed by public authorities, critical enterprises or organizations)

– citizens recognized as unfit for military service for health reasons;

– citizens who provide full-time care for a person with a disability (if there are documents confirming the fact of care and incapacity of the person (full or partial);

– men and women with many children (if they have three or more minor children);

– single parents of a minor child or a child with a disability.

In addition, they cannot be called up for military service:

– persons who have close relatives who died or went missing while participating in hostilities;

– women and men who have a minor child and a spouse who is performing military service;

– recipients of vocational pre-university and higher education, trainee assistants, graduate students and doctoral students studying full-time or dual education;

– persons who have received a deferment from military service.

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Who can get a deferment?

In general, the deferment is granted

– for health and family reasons;

– in case of obtaining education or continuing professional activity;

– in case of exemption from general mobilization by the nature of the activity or for persons booked by enterprises.

Deferment for health reasons

It is granted to persons with disabilities and persons who are recognized as temporarily unfit for military service by the military qualification commission for a period of up to 6 months.

However, according to the order of the Ministry of Defense "On Approval of the Regulations on Military Hospital Expertise in the Armed Forces of Ukraine," men recognized by the MHC as having limited fitness are unfit for service in airborne assault troops, naval forces, marines, special forces (except for support units), but are fit for service in support units, TCCs and JVs, institutions, organizations and educational institutions.

Deferral for family reasons

Such circumstances may include:

– maintenance of three or more minor children;

– independent upbringing of a child under 18 years of age;

– raising a child with a disability: group A - up to 18 years of age, group I-II - up to 18-23 years of age;

– maintenance and upbringing of adopted children under the age of 18;

– pregnancy;

– granting the status of a missing person or death in action of one of the close relatives (husband/wife, children, parents, grandparents, siblings).

– having disabled close relatives who need support, etc.

How to get a deferral?

To obtain a deferral, a person must submit an application along with a certain package of documents to the TCC. The application must contain passport data and a request for a deferment in accordance with Article 23 of the Law "On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization", dated and signed. The application must be accompanied by documents confirming the right to deferment.

The decision to defer is made by the commission. After the decision is made, the applicant is provided with an extract from the protocol book.

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