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11 Apr. 2024


Has Ukraine run out of missiles for Patriot? What's behind the destruction of the Trypilska thermal power plant



Has Ukraine run out of missiles for Patriot? What's behind the destruction of the Trypilska thermal power plant

The Ukrainian energy sector continues to suffer from russian missile attacks. Against the background of massive shelling and destruction of large thermal power plants, military analysts say that the Ukrainian armed forces have run out of missiles for advanced air defence systems. Find out why the russians started destroying the Ukrainian energy sector and how Ukraine is trying to fix its air defence situation

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

It has long been clear that the Ukrainian army is experiencing a shortage of air defence missiles. But, according to German military observer Julian Röpсke of BILD, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have allegedly run out of missiles for the American and German Patriot and IRIS-T air defence systems. 

"As I said a few weeks ago (and almost no one believed me): Ukraine has run out of Patriot and IRIS-T missiles. Most other air defence stockpiles have also been depleted or destroyed," Röpсke said.

In addition, the analyst expressed his indignation at the fact that Western countries have the necessary missiles in their warehouses, but they are not being transferred to Ukraine.

"And this is despite the fact that we have hundreds of systems and thousands of missiles in our warehouses. There are no words. Just anger," Röpсke concluded.

Does the destruction of Ukrainian thermal power plants indicate a shortage?

There is no doubt that the russian army's missile attacks are causing significant damage to the Ukrainian energy sector. And if Ukraine had enough air defence systems and missiles for them, the occupiers would not have been able to hit thermal power plants, including the Trypilska TPP, which was completely destroyed on the night of 11 April.

Ukraine and its President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, have been constantly asking the West to provide air defence systems to protect the country's critical infrastructure and to protect frontline cities such as Kharkiv, where civilians suffer from shelling every day.

By the way, tonight's nighttime shelling of Ukraine took place in several regions and targeted the country's energy facilities. Zelensky said that the russians had fired more than 40 missiles and about 40 more attack drones. In particular, the russian invaders managed to destroy the most powerful power plant in Kyiv region - Trypilska TPP, which supplied electricity to several neighbouring regions.

"The scale of the destruction is terrible. Money can't put a price on it. This is the biggest challenge for us in the history of the company. But I am convinced that we will cope with it," said Centrenergo.

In addition to the Kyiv region, the occupiers also attacked generation facilities and transmission systems in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and Lviv regions.

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Why is russia destroying the Ukrainian energy sector?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the russian army is preparing for a new offensive against Ukraine, and the occupiers are laying the groundwork for a future offensive campaign.

By destroying the TPP, the aggressor has sought to divert attention and lure air defence systems away from the front line. Unlike last year's winter, russia has gone further and is destroying not only the grid but also the power generation itself, the US news agency writes.

The WSJ does not indicate that Ukraine has run out of Patriot missiles, but says that the situation with the country's air defence could become critical by this summer.

Ukraine is in search of Patriot air defence systems 

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that his team has found more than 100 "free" Patriots, but is seeking to get at least seven of them as soon as possible.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Kuleba said that "soft and quiet diplomacy has not worked", so he expressed hope that his new style of tough negotiations would help achieve success.

It is worth recalling that the day before, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that 25 Patriot systems with 6-8 batteries each were needed to completely seal off Ukraine. He added that analogues of the American air defence system would also be suitable. 

Earlier it became known that the German government intends to initiate a search for Patriot air defence systems that can be transferred to Kyiv. Later, the military portal Defense Express noted that if the allies want to look for American systems outside the European Union and NATO, the search "geography" could be expanded to the Asian and Middle East continents.

Analysts agree that the task of obtaining additional Patriots will not be easy, but this does not mean that it cannot be solved.

We remind you! Ukraine has adopted a new law that regulates the rules of mobilisation of persons liable for military service and sets restrictions for people who evade military service. Read here to find out when the rules will come into effect and what changes Ukrainians should expect.

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