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Free study abroad 2024: countries, programs, conditions



Free study abroad 2024: countries, programs, conditions

Ukrainians can study abroad for free and there are several ways to do so. We will tell you what opportunities are available in 2024, what is needed to enter a foreign institute, and what requirements are set for applicants for free education

Legal assistance on migration issues
Legal assistance on migration issues

Ukrainians who want to study abroad for free can choose one of several ways. This can be a scholarship (program) from a university or foundation, a partnership program (double degree), or a study grant. In addition, there are a number of countries that currently offer free education for foreigners.

Let's consider each of the available options in detail later in the article.

Which countries offer free education for Ukrainian students?

1. Norway: the country accepts students on the basis of grades in the previous educational institution and a motivation letter (Ukrainians must study at least 1 year at a Ukrainian university in order to enter a Norwegian university). Documents are accepted from December to March. Among the universities that actively attract foreigners:

– University of Tromso or Arctic University of Norway

– University College of Volda

– Norwegian School of Architecture and Design

– Norwegian Business School

– Norwegian School of Theology

2. Czech Republic: for admission, you need to have a B1-C1 level of Czech language. During their studies, students can additionally apply for a grant or scholarship. Among the most popular universities among foreigners:

– Prague Academy of Arts

– Higher School of Economics 

– Masaryk University

– Palacky University

– University of Chemical Technology

– Czech Technical University

3. Germany: you can apply after completing two semesters of study (1 year) at a Ukrainian university. It is also possible to submit a certificate to the Studienkolleg immediately after school and study at a German college to gain admission to higher education. To apply, you need to provide a school certificate, a motivation letter, and a certificate of German language proficiency at the C1 level. The most popular universities:

– Brandenburg University of Technology in Kottbus

– University of Mannheim

– RWTH Aachen University of Technology

– Free University of Berlin

– University of Heidelberg

Other countries that offer free education include: Denmark, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Belgium, Greece, France, and Spain. In some countries, you can immediately enroll on a budget, while others accept students only under special programs.

How to get a grant or scholarship for study?

First of all, you need to understand that scholarships for studying abroad are awarded to motivated applicants who have successfully studied in Ukraine, participated in international or national competitions, or already have certain professional achievements, research papers, etc. Scholarships can be of different types:

– from a particular university (for active and talented youth)

–  from the government (such as the Fulbright Scholar Program in the United States, Chevening Scholarships in the United Kingdom, or the Endeavour Leadership Program in Australia)

– private organizations (funded by certain foundations or associations).

– a separate category is sports scholarships, which are awarded for achievements in sports.

The requirements for students may vary depending on the organization that provides such a scholarship or study grant. In addition to educational documents, they may require language certificates, a motivation letter, a CV, proof of journal publications or a portfolio of work, a GMAT certificate, etc.

In addition, it should be remembered that a large number of universities, in addition to grant programs, also offer internal scholarships and partnership programs designed for highly specialized specialists and, for example, graduate students.

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How does a double degree (partnership program) work?

Another way to study abroad for free is to enroll in a foreign university that cooperates with a particular university in Ukraine. For example, NTUU "KPI" is a partner of several foreign universities, including: NOVI University of Vocational Education in the Netherlands and the University of Indianapolis in Athens.

Thus, students can study in special educational programs at two universities simultaneously and eventually receive two diplomas. You need to find out the terms of admission at the university that has such partners.

Scholarship programs for studying abroad

The most popular and prestigious programs include:

1. Chevening is a scholarship to study in the UK. This program provides full or partial funding for a full-time postgraduate course at any British university. Candidates apply and are selected in 3 stages: selection, interview and English language test. It is held annually and begins in September, a year before the course starts. Applications are usually submitted by early December.

2. Fulbright Scholar Program is a scholarship program in the United States. It is designed for doctors and candidates of sciences, graduate students and researchers, as well as lawyers, cultural figures and journalists. Candidates are carefully selected, in particular, based on their academic achievements and plan, as well as their potential for interaction with American colleagues. Applications can be submitted annually by October 15.

3. DAAD is a scholarship to study in Germany. This program is designed for graduates of Ukrainian universities who already have a bachelor's degree and wish to obtain postgraduate or master's education at a state university in Germany. The application deadline is the beginning of November.

4. Erasmus Mundus is a program of the European Commission. It is designed for students (after 2 years of studying at a university) and teachers who wish to study under an exchange program.

5. Gates Cambridge Scholarship - a scholarship to study in the UK, namely at the University of Cambridge. This program is designed for students wishing to obtain a postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. However, it should be borne in mind that the program is subject to a very serious selection process, but the scholarship is one of the largest of all international scholarships.

However, other countries offer educational programs, including Sweden, Australia, and Canada.

At the same time, applicants who want to study abroad can also enroll in a paid form of education and subsequently apply for a scholarship or grant, or transfer to a free form for certain successes or achievements. It is important to note that some foreign universities charge tuition fees ranging from 200 to 500 euros per semester, which is a very affordable price for studying abroad.

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We remind you! The Cabinet of Ministers has authorized male students aged 18 to 22 to travel abroad to study at foreign educational institutions as part of educational academic mobility. Read more about the changes and new rules for students to travel abroad in our previous article.

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