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17 Apr. 2024


Will there be a holiday season in Odesa in 2024?



Will there be a holiday season in Odesa in 2024?

At a joint meeting, the Mayor of Odesa and the Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration discussed with business representatives the issues of their support and the recreational season in the coastal zone. Find out what changes are planned to be introduced and whether there will be a holiday season in Odesa this year

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Take care of insurance for safe entry and stay in Ukraine

On April 15, Odesa Mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov and the head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper, held a joint meeting with representatives of local businesses, retailers, catering establishments, hoteliers, etc. According to the press service of the Odesa City Council, the agenda included support for Odesa business and the possibility of holding a recreational season in the coastal zone. The results of the discussion are described in detail below.

Changes for business in Odesa: the time for selling alcoholic beverages is extended

Due to the approach of the holiday season and the need to support local businesses, Odesa has decided to extend the time for selling alcohol by one hour, namely until 23:00. A corresponding order from the head of the military administration is expected soon.

At the same time, the city mayor urged entrepreneurs to be responsible and adhere to the established agreements on the sale of alcohol.

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Will the beaches in Odesa be reopened?

Last year, at the end of the holiday season, local authorities officially allowed swimming on some beaches in Odesa. This was made possible by installing special nets and constant monitoring of the coast. Therefore, at the last meeting, the issue of the recreational season in the coastal zone was also discussed.

Following the example of last year, it was proposed to provide several beaches in Odesa where the seabed will be surveyed and cleaned of debris, and the sea area will be constantly monitored for mine safety. However, the final decision has not yet been made.

At the same time, the weather in southern Ukraine is warm and sunny, encouraging both locals and visitors to go on vacation. However, until the holiday season is resolved, we strongly recommend that you do not neglect your own safety and avoid the coastal zone. Moreover, there are many interesting places in Odesa that you can visit on weekends or during your vacation without risking your own safety. 

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We remind you! Odesa has long been a commercial and tourist center of Ukraine. It is a beautiful European resort city that still preserves its unique culture. Read more interesting facts about modern Odesa in our previous article.

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