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15 Apr. 2024


Trip to Kyiv in 2024: why are tourists going to the capital of a country at war?

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Trip to Kyiv in 2024: why are tourists going to the capital of a country at war?

Our country attracts tourists from all over the world even under martial law. The capital, as a symbol of courage and resilience, is one of the most remarkable places in the country. Why do tourists choose Kyiv even though the country is at war? Learn more about the reasons and tips for safe travel in Ukraine

Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste
Choose a tour in Ukraine for any taste

Ukraine is rich in natural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage sites, turbulent history and delicious cuisine. Landmarks of the state attract tourists from different continents. More than 2.4 million foreigners crossed the Ukrainian border in 2023 alone, and this trend will continue in 2024. Of course, one of the main pearls of the country is Kyiv - the courageous and indomitable capital of the state.

Why do tourists go to the capital of a country at war? We talk about the reasons and rules for easy and safe travel in Ukraine below.

Is it safe to travel to Kyiv in 2024?

There are currently no completely safe regions in Ukraine. There is a threat of missile fire and UAV attacks in every region. However, thanks to Western air defense systems that were transferred to Ukraine, Kyiv became the safest city in war-torn Ukraine. Currently, the sky above the capital is protected by the most modern complexes from Germany, the USA, Norway, France, Italy, etc.

The authorities and the military always warn about the threat of possible rocket fire. To inform the public, they use the "Air Alarm" signal, which can be heard on the streets of cities and in special mobile applications.

When you heard the "Airborne alarm" signal or received a corresponding notification in the application, take the "alarm suitcase" with you and immediately go to the shelter, where you will wait for the alarm to go off. When I am in danger, I can continue to study Kyiv.

How to plan a safe trip to Kyiv in 2024?

The Visit Ukraine team actively helps tourists to visit Ukraine. Only in 2023, foreigners from 15 countries of the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Latvia and Australia, visited at least 21 cities of Ukraine.

The main task of Visit Ukraine is peace and safety during travel, business visits and moving around Ukraine. We help in organizing the trip at any stage:

- Searching for a safe tour to Kyiv - the Visit Ukraine website contains a travel bank that includes more than 800 current, and most importantly, safe tours in Ukraine.

- Preparation of the travel route - visiting Kyiv is very easy, you just need to book a flight to Warsaw or Krakow, and then we will organize a comfortable transfer to the Ukrainian capital.

- Hotels and hostels - Kyiv has a very wide base of accommodation facilities. During your vacation, you can stay in hotels with different stars, hostels or rent apartments. There are many safe hotels with shelters on our site.

- Military risk insurance - when traveling to Ukraine under martial law, it is important to find insurance that covers war-related risks: damages in the event of an accident due to hostilities or acts of terrorism, outpatient treatment, hospitalization and emergency care. You can issue a policy on the Visit Ukraine portal by following the link.

- You will be accompanied by the most experienced guides during your trip through Kyiv.

- Also, for your peace of mind, there will always be an English-speaking representative in contact with you, who will solve any question during the tour of Kyiv.

Given that the Ukrainian capital is currently getting warm, now is the best time to plan a safe trip to Kyiv. Especially because it is simple and easy to do together with Visit Ukraine.

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What to see in Kyiv in 2024?

The capital of Ukraine is so diverse that it impresses every tourist. Travelers return here again and again, because Kyiv has everything: fascinating ancient churches, ancient buildings and modern towers, mystical places, beautiful parks and hospitable restaurants. You will not be able to stop admiring the beauty of the Ukrainian capital.

What to see in Kyiv? We have prepared for you the top 10 most interesting excursions in the capital, which you should definitely visit in 2024:

● Kyiv is one of the oldest capitals of Europe. In 2024, Kyiv turns 1,542 years old. The streets of the city have almost 2,000 monuments of nature, history and culture. You can explore Kyiv and its long history during the Tour of Ancient Kyiv. Accompanied by a professional guide, tourists will visit the capital's main attractions: the Golden Gate, St. Sophia's and St. Michael's Cathedrals, Andriyivsky Uzviz, and get to know the old part of the city - Starokyivskaya Hill.

● Podil is one of the most interesting and ancient districts of Kyiv. According to historians, in the first half of the 1st millennium BC there was already a settlement here, which was a trading center. From the middle of the 9th century, when Kyivan Rus was formed and Kyiv became its capital, Podil was its main craft district. Kyiv is not possible without Podol, so be sure to visit it during your tour to the capital.

● Travelers who love secrets and riddles are invited to an interesting trip through "Secret Kyiv", during which we will visit unconventional places to discover mysterious and little-known facts about the history and culture of Kyiv.

● Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kyiv, which is well known to every Ukrainian and foreigner. However, there is something to surprise Khreschatyk. Few people know that an underground river flows under Khreshchatyk itself, which witnessed many historical events. You can learn all the secrets of the main street of the country during an individual excursion "Underground Khreschatyk". The route of the walk will pass through the legendary Kozine Boloto, the Horodetsky Collectorate and the "Gallery of Stars".

Prince Askold's Labyrinths are the most confusing and longest of the underground Kyiv labyrinths. In the extensive system of passages in the hinterland of the Pechersk hills, you can see structures from three different eras and a unique 33-meter mine. This mine is considered the deepest of all available in the capital. Test your courage and endurance by diving into the dungeons of the legendary Green Theater during a tour of the labyrinths.

● The Sviatomikil drainage system is one of the oldest man-made caves in Kyiv. She can rightly be called the queen of the capital metro. Only here you can see the perfectly preserved vaults of the huge Broadway, a two-hundred-year-old well with a waterfall, which has no analogues in Europe. To explore the fascinating underground world of Kyiv, you should choose this excursion.

● In densely populated Kyiv, there are also mysterious, deserted and generally unknown places to most residents and guests of the capital. One of them is the cemetery of lifting cranes, where a dozen old iron giants are gathered in a small area. Nearby is the largest pumping station in Europe, as well as the place where the concrete-encased Lybid River flows into the Dnipro. However, you should not go here without an escort, because you can get lost near the abandoned equipment or meet packs of dogs. You can see the mysterious industrial sights of Kyiv during an individual tour of the "Kyiv Ghetto". Enjoy the interesting and sometimes even scary stories of our guides during the pre-planned route.

● The history of the Fairytale Cemetery is almost 200 years old. A whole complex of ancient crypts has been preserved here - real masterpieces of architecture, where famous and noble people found their last refuge. Many of the monuments were built by famous architects: Vladyslav Horodetsky, Volodymyr Nikolaev and others. Also, the Baikovo cemetery became the first place where people of different faiths were buried - Christians, Catholics and the dead of other faiths, everyone found their peace here.

● You can immerse yourself in the pages of Kyiv's modern history during a tour of the invincible capital of Ukraine. Undoubtedly, the ongoing war in Ukraine leaves a big mark on Kyiv. It is possible to list for a long time the districts of the capital in which residential buildings, commercial real estate, infrastructure facilities, schools, and kindergartens were crushed by rockets.

The enemy army planned to capture Kyiv in 3 days, but thanks to the professionalism of the Ukrainian military and the strength and courage of local self-defense, this did not happen.

● The Second World War also took place on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, tourists are invited to visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kyiv, where incredible exhibits of military equipment, a collection of orders, medals and certificates, documentary evidence of war witnesses, unique exhibits of the times of occupation and liberation are presented. Also attractive for visitors is an art exhibition in the name of the feat of popular anti-fascist resistance.

Kyiv and Ukraine cordially invite all travelers! Search for more safe tours in Ukraine by following the link.

Do you have any questions? Contact the managers of Visit Ukraine for help at any stage of preparation for a trip to Ukraine or during your stay in the country.

Visit Ukraine is an organiser of tours around Ukraine. 800 tours. Choose yours on the website!

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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