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21 Apr. 2024


The Potemkin Stairs and more to be opened in Odesa: when will it be possible to walk there?

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The Potemkin Stairs and more to be opened in Odesa: when will it be possible to walk there?

Potemkin Stairs is one of the most famous historical sites in Ukraine. However, since the beginning of the war, the military closed the site due to security reasons. But very soon people will be allowed to go there. Find out when it will be opened and what other places will be allowed to visit in the city

Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste
Choose tours in Ukraine for every taste

Since the beginning of the great war in Ukraine, the military administration of the city of Odesa has decided to close a number of monuments and parks to the public for security reasons. The Potemkin Stairs were among those objects. However, it will reopen for local residents and visitors on 20 April.

Last year, Odesa opened Primorsky Boulevard, a favourite place for walks for Odesa residents and visiting tourists. In April 2024, the city received permission to open the Istanbul and Greek parks. 

Currently, the parks are being put in order: the municipal services have already carried out sanitary cleaning of the territories, pruning of trees, planting of flowers and greenery. Park furniture has been repaired, the outdoor lighting system and fountains have been checked, and playgrounds have been prepared.

At the same time, Primorskaya Street, which is located near these places, is open exclusively to vehicles - pedestrian traffic is prohibited.

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The Potemkin Stairs: a historical site

The Potemkin Stairs, also known as the Prymorska Stairs, is a landmark architectural and historical site in Odesa. It was designed by architect Francesco Boffo and built between 1837 and 1841. The staircase is a grandiose marble boulevard cascade consisting of 192 steps divided into ten flights. Originally, the staircase included 200 steps, but 8 steps were filled in during the reconstruction.

At the top of the stairs is a monument to Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke de Richelieu, the first governor of Odesa. This monument, made of bronze, is the first monument erected in the city.

The change of names of the stairs reflects different periods of the city's history. In the XIX century, it was called the Big Staircase, then the Primorskaya Staircase, and since 1955, after the 50th anniversary of the uprising on the battleship Potemkin, it has been known as the Potemkin Staircase. This name was established due to the popularity of Sergei Eisenstein's film Battleship Potemkin (1925), which depicted the events of the revolutionary year of 1905 and significantly influenced the cultural perception of the stairs.

The staircase played an important role as a symbolic "front entrance" to the city from the sea, and over time it has become one of the symbols of Odesa, attracting many tourists and historians.

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