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A new gastronomic route with the most interesting locations in Kyiv

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A new gastronomic route with the most interesting locations in Kyiv

Kyiv is always beautiful, fascinatingly archaic, and incredibly tasty. That's why we've created a new gastronomic route that will allow you to taste the best dishes and drinks that have long become a local brand. Find out more about the most colorful places in Kyiv

Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website
Tours to unbreakable Ukraine. Find out more on the website

When people think of Kyiv's gastronomy, they immediately think of cutlet, cake, and dry jam. Indeed, these dishes have long been well-known symbols of the capital. But here you can try popular dishes and drinks from around the world, taste interpretations of famous delicacies, and get to know the past and present of Kyiv gastronomy.

In previous articles, we have already told you about the best routes for cycling, a route with unusual locations in the capital, and a route with incredible views of beautiful Kyiv. Today, it's the turn of the gastronomic gems of the capital, which will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of delicious food.

Get ready, it will be very interesting and delicious!

Kyivska Perepichka

Kyivska Perepichka is a famous Kyiv fast food restaurant that has been serving only one dish for over 40 years. This is an unusual dish that has become a real trademark of the capital's street food. Thanks to its good location, unique taste and flavor, this restaurant has become a "genius loci" of Khreshchatyk.

Perepichka is an old Ukrainian word meaning a dough pie that was left over after bread was made. It was fried in oil and cooked without any filling. Modern perepichka is a sausage in a cake made from sour bread dough and deep-fried in a large amount of deep fat. 

Since 1981, Kyivska Perepichka has never closed or changed its location. The only change was that the assortment expanded to include hot and carbonated drinks. Even after the opening of McDonald's in the capital, Kyivska Perepichka's popularity did not suffer. Numerous world guides to gastronomic tours have been including this dish in their must-try list for many years.

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100 Years Ago Forward

100 Years Ahead is the first project of Nova Poshta co-founder Inna Popereshniuk and chef Yevhen Klopotenko. The unique combination of ancient recipes and modern cooking techniques has created new traditions of Ukrainian cuisine.

To collect the recipes, Klopotenko traveled extensively throughout Ukraine, talked to historians, studied local traditions of the regions and conducted research on Ukrainian cuisine.

The restaurant offers several types of soups, salads, and dishes made from potatoes, flour, and millet. 100 Years Forward is a fundamentally new form of Ukrainian cuisine with its own superfoods, amazing recipes, and reinterpretation of traditions.

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Poltava restaurant by Klopotenko

Poltava is a bistro serving Ukrainian cuisine near Arsenalna Square. The main emphasis here is on the colorful culinary masterpieces of Poltava region. The founders of the restaurant are Inna Popereshniuk and Yevhen Klopotenko, a popularizer of Ukrainian cuisine. This is their fourth joint project.

Inna is from Poltava, so she is sure that this region has something to show the world. Authentic Ukrainian flavors and culinary traditions are preserved in almost every home here.

The bistro was created to overcome the stereotype that Ukrainian cuisine has nothing to do with creativity and modernity, and is limited to dumplings, dumplings and borsch.

The design is based on traditional Poltava attributes: a combination of red and green colors, like the coat of arms of Poltava region, clay pots, Opishnia ceramics, etc. This style makes visitors feel at home, a kind of cozy dwelling with elements of modern ethno.

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BAO by Ector

Modern Chinese Cuisine is the first restaurant of modern Chinese cuisine in Ukraine, where every dish is created and interpreted personally by Hector Jimenez-Bravo. Here you can feel like an emperor by tasting Peking duck or enjoy traditional dim sum that will touch your heart. Oriental noodles, wontons and other exotic dishes create an unrivaled culinary experience.

Hector Jimenez-Bravo found inspiration in Asia, adopting the atmosphere, culinary traditions and secrets of oriental cuisine. He embodied this life experience in the restaurant VAO, where the most incredible dishes of the planet are created. The restaurant's peculiarity is the purity of the concept of modern Chinese cuisine and the unique taste provided by the gas wok, which gives the dishes perfection.

The work of the chefs back to back is a synergy of the best Asian techniques that will not leave indifferent even the most demanding gourmets. The interior of the restaurant was created by the YOD Design Studio team, inspired by the bamboo forest. They created an installation of slats under the ceiling that unites the lobby and bar areas, adding a special charm and coziness to the place.

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Thai Hello by Katsurin

"Thai Hello is a city cafe specializing in Thai cuisine, opened by Misha and Dasha Katsurin, who are also the founders of Chinese Hello and Vietnamese Hello. The cafe offers dishes from different regions of Thailand, demonstrating the culinary influence of China, India, as well as neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia. Each region of Thailand has its own unique dishes and cultural influences, which are represented on the menu.

Chef Anton Vasyliev explains that the team has visited Thailand many times, and in preparation for the opening of the cafe, they traveled there five times in six months. They traveled the country from Chiang Rai to the south, completing internships in markets, families, and restaurants.

To ensure the authenticity of the dishes, the team was joined by brand chef Cha and his assistant Chakit. Cha, a chef from the northeastern region of Isan, previously worked at a Thai restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chakit, in turn, represents Bangkok. Thanks to this, the cafe's menu reflects various parts of Thailand, not just popular tourist dishes such as tom yum and pad thai.

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The Last Barricade

The Last Barricade is a unique space filled with various symbols and meanings. This place combines an art platform, a museum of Ukrainian revolutions, a shop with a large collection of books and unique designer items, its own radio and a magazine dedicated to Ukrainian history and culture. It is also the first 100% Ukrainian bar and a space of modern Ukrainian gastronomy where free people meet.

The location of the establishment is determined by the formula "somewhere on the Maidan, near the Lyadsky Gate". There is a glass dome, a door with the letters O.B. and a separate elevator leading to a small coffee shop. An unprepared visitor might think that this is all, but of course it is not. An attentive observer will find clues and solve the password.

The interior of the Last Barricade demonstrates how many meanings can be embodied in a functional space. From the Iron Curtain and concrete blocks to huge poppies embroidered on a metal mesh, each element symbolizes an important moment in the history of Ukrainian revolutions.

The first hall has a small stage for music concerts and literary evenings. A little further away is a bar with a "secret". Behind the wall is the "headquarters", decorated in the style of the apartments of the city's intelligentsia in the late 19th century.

Last Barricade's menu is based on a modern approach to Ukrainian gastronomy. It involves the search for interesting local products, attention to traditional recipes and the use of modern techniques. This is a place with clear and delicious food, which makes it unique.

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SHO Ukrainian restaurant is the creation of the founders of the famous mono-restaurants The Burger, The Bar, The Cake and Holy Chick, Dmitry Zayahyakin and Alina Kosichkina. Preparations for the opening lasted three years, but the result is impressive - it is the largest restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in the country. The interior can be called one of the most Instagrammable in the city: natural wood, tall columns, clay walls, massive cotton wool braids and bouquets of wildflowers create the atmosphere of a traditional Ukrainian house.

The menu offers traditional Ukrainian dishes: varenyky, borsch, Odesa forshmak, and Transcarpathian banosh. If you have a foreign guest who wants to experience authentic Ukrainian cuisine, bring them to SHO. The restaurant orders all products from farmers, and bakes bread on its own according to a 200-year-old recipe using only water, flour, and salt.

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