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25 May. 2022


Ukrainians in Bulgaria: what will change after May 31

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Ukrainians in Bulgaria: what will change after May 31

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From the beginning of the war, refugees from Ukraine could stay free of charge in private Bulgarian hotels. Today, almost 98,000 Ukrainians remain in the country. But for Bulgaria the tourist season is of great economic, cultural and international significance. The tourism industry has a significant percentage of the country's GDP and allows Bulgarians and their families to earn a livelihood. Therefore, such unprecedented hospitality is temporary. The change in the rules for the stay of Ukrainian migrants in Bulgaria was announced at the end of April.

What will happen next?

The start of the tourist season in Bulgaria does not mean that Ukrainians will be left on the street or asked to leave the country. The state program for providing humanitarian assistance to people with temporary protection after May 31 will continue in state, municipal and departmental sanatoriums.

Obtaining temporary protection in Bulgaria gives the right to live freely in the country, the right to work and be independent. Therefore, a Ukrainian has the right to independently find housing or live where he chooses, at his own expense. Including, in the same hotel where he lived, but for a fee.

If you have not yet managed to find a job and you do not have the opportunity to rent an apartment, you will be placed at the appropriate departmental base in different places in Bulgaria at the discretion of the government. Transportation will be provided and will be coordinated and planned with priority given to people with special needs, children and the chronically ill.

New humanitarian program for the accommodation of persons with temporary protection in Bulgaria after May 31, 2022

At the suggestion of the National Headquarters, a decision was made allowing not only departmental bases, but also places of accommodation registered in the National Tourism Register, to participate in a new humanitarian program for the accommodation of persons with temporary protection.

Full conditions and details of the program after May 31 can be found here.

The program provides for two options - 15 lev (approximately 240 hryvnia) for a bed and meals, or 10 lev for a bed only. The program does not include additional services such as housekeeping and laundry.

Now the registration of people for the program is carried out offline. Persons with temporary protection will be able to record their data themselves as soon as the platform becomes available online.

For accommodation, Ukrainians can contact the national hotline - 02/905 - 5555.