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17 May. 2022


How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Europe: a comparison of cities

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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Europe: a comparison of cities

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Choosing a home is perhaps one of the most important issues to decide on before moving to another country. The simplest option is to rent a flat. In this article we will tell you for how much in Europe you can rent a home in the range from the lowest price to the highest. In the first quarter of 2022, the average monthly rent for an apartment in 63 European cities is € 16.05 / sq.m. And this is 3.82% more than in the first quarter of 2021.

Prices may vary from country to country in the European region, depending on geographical location, effective demand and living standards. In addition, in each city, the cost of rent is influenced by various factors, such as economic and social well-being, the city's popularity among tourists and businesses, seasonality. Today, the average rental price in the European Union is 885 euros per month.

The most expensive rental housing is recorded in:

• Geneva, Switzerland - from 1,500 euros per month.

• London, the UK - from 2,200 euros per month

• Paris, France - from 1360 euros per month

• Luxembourg - from 1742 euros per month

• Dublin, Ireland - from 1870 euros per month

• Amsterdam, the Netherlands - from 1740 euros per month.

The cheapest rent for an apartment is noted in:

• Brno, the Czech Republic - 250 - 350 euros per month.

• Malaga, Spain - from 390 euros per month.

• Skopje, Northern Macedonia - 391 euros per month.

• Pristina, Kosovo - 417 euros per month.

• Iasi, Romania - 415 euros per month.

• Brasov, Romania - 490 euros per month.

• Timisoara, Romania - 517 euros per month.

• Lodz, Poland - 616 euros per month.

• Cluj-Napoca, Romania - 734 euros per month.

• Istanbul, Turkey - 220 euros per month.

• Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 283 euros per month.

In Eastern Europe, there are many options, the rent of which is moderate and where there are comfortable living conditions. This is exactly the option when you can talk about value for money. For example, renting an apartment in Prague, the Czech Republic, will cost an average of 773 euros, and in Tallinn, Estonia - 622 euros. In the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, the cost of rent is 700 euros per month in the city center, outside the city it's 600 euros.

Germany and Poland are also quite popular countries where many people come. Munich is the most expensive city for rent in Germany - 1150 euros per month. And this list can be continued by Leipzig, Cologne and Stuttgart. The average rent for a one-room apartment in Germany is: Leipzig 500 euros per month, Cologne 750 euros per month, Stuttgart 850 euros per month. Apartments in this country are often rented unfurnished, which is very inconvenient for those who come, because there are no comfortable conditions for living. As for Poland, the prices in Warsaw are quite high, on average they ask 400-500 euros per month for a decent one-room apartment. In smaller cities, such as Bydgoszcz, prices are several times cheaper. For the same 500 euros you can rent a 2-room apartment. In the rather popular city of Poznan, prices are slightly higher than in Bydgoszcz. On average, apartment owners ask for 363 - 400 euros per month.