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Financial assistance to Ukrainians in Romania: how to receive?



Financial assistance to Ukrainians in Romania: how to receive?

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The Romanian Red Cross Society offers financial assistance to vulnerable categories of Ukrainian refugees in Romania. The benefit is 110 euros per person and will be paid over three months.

Financial aid is available to people who:

1. Left Ukraine because of the conflict, AND

2. Stays in Romania, AND

3. Belongs to one of these categories:

- A family headed by a woman: a life situation where the mother, grandmother, aunt or sister are the main decision-makers in the family at the moment

- A family with two or more children under the age of 18

- Family member with a disability

- Family member over 60 years of age

- A pregnant or breastfeeding woman is a family member

- A single woman without other adults

- Lack of access to free medical care

If you have already received financial support from another agency, you are not eligible for this assistance from the Red Cross.

One person from the family applies. Each person can be registered in the system only once. When applying, you need to:

- collect your documents and the documents of your family members to apply

- download applications for communication and messaging (it is recommended to have at least two channels of communication with you - Whatsapp. Viber, SMS, e-mail)

- have access to a smartphone

Application documents:

- Foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine

- ID card of a citizen of Ukraine

- Internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine

- Foreign passport of a foreigner with a residence permit

- Birth certificate (for children and adolescents)

Documents for children are submitted separately in the same way as for adults.

To apply for assistance, you need to download a special application from the Red Cross and follow the instructions in it. The application is available for iOS and Android. If the application is approved, you will receive a notification on Viber or Whatsapp on how to get help. The application is processed for at least 2 weeks.

Once the application is approved, you will be able to choose how to receive the funds.

If you have an account with Privatbank, Monobank, Oschadbank, or A-Bank:

You can quickly get money through the application of your bank. If you do not have your bank application, download it to your phone. This process is fast and possible wherever you are. Detailed instructions on how to get money through the applications of Ukrainian banks read here.

If you want to receive cash, visit any MoneyGram branch. You should contact the agent and provide him with the MoneyGram code, which you will receive from the Red Cross. MoneyGram only accepts the following government ID documents for cash withdrawals:

- Foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine

- ID card of a citizen of Ukraine

- Driver's license of Ukraine

- Temporary protection document issued in Romania

More answers to frequently asked questions about getting help are available on the website.