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13 Jul. 2022


De-Russification of streets: is it necessary to change documents after renaming?



De-Russification of streets: is it necessary to change documents after renaming?

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Due to the full-scale military invasion, the city authorities of Kyiv are carrying out the "derussification" of the city's toponyms - the renaming of streets and metro stations whose names are associated with the aggressor country. At least 300 toponyms are getting new names very soon. As a result, residents of the city have questions: do you need to change documents and how quickly should it be done?

Roman Lelyuk, Director of the Public Communications Department of the Kyiv City Administration, informed that the mechanism is different for individuals and legal entities.


The Kyiv City Administration emphasizes that changing the name of a street does not change the actual place of residence, and therefore it is not necessary to immediately go to the center of administrative services to get a new certificate about the place of registration. This also applies to ownership documents - they also do not need to be replaced.

Re-registration will be carried out as an additional service in case of a change of passport, surname or pasting of new photos. The document on the right of ownership will also be replaced if necessary - during the purchase and sale of real estate, deed of gift or inheritance.


For legal entities, the situation is more complicated, because according to current legislation, changing the name of the street on which an enterprise is located means a change of its location. That is why it is necessary to submit documents to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs to make appropriate changes to the founding documents. Also, a legal entity must: make changes to contracts, notify counterparties, and banking institutions, produce a new seal and forms, etc.

It is worth noting that the legislation does not specify the time frame in which the procedure for changing the name of the street must be carried out in the company's documents, which is why legal entities themselves choose a convenient time.