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15 Jul. 2022


In what cases can IDP status be denied?

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In what cases can IDP status be denied?

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Since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, about 8 million people have changed their region of residence. To receive material assistance from state and international organizations, most of them applied for IDP status, but not all of them received an affirmative answer.

On what grounds can a certificate be denied?

Under Ukrainian law, IDP status may not be granted if:

1. there are no circumstances that encourage internal displacement;

2. the authorities know that you provided false information to obtain a certificate;

3. you have lost your identity documents. In this case, help can be obtained after updating them;

4. you are not registered in the region from which you left. For example, if you are registered in Ivano-Frankivsk, but lived in Mykolaiv, from which you left, you will not be provided with a certificate.

5. you cannot prove that you lived in the territory from which you left.

Persons who have been denied IDP status have the right to appeal this decision. To do this, apply to the district administrative court. You can also reapply.

Why you can be disqualified

Receiving help does not guarantee that the status will not be canceled. It may be withdrawn if:

1. you voluntarily wrote a disclaimer;

2. committed a crime;

3. returned home;

4. left for permanent residence in another country;

5. provided false information.