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16 Jul. 2022


In what cases will the migrants have to return the money paid by the state?

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In what cases will the migrants have to return the money paid by the state?

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Some IDPs will be forced to return a part of the state money received as material assistance to IDPs. Such a scenario is realized if a migrant returns home and does not notify the social protection authorities about this.

In this case, all payments received by a person in IDP status will be considered illegal from the moment they return to their permanent place of residence. Thus, citizens with IDP status must report their movements to social services. If you move to a new place of residence, you must report this no later than 10 days after arrival. If a person returns home, he/she is obliged to report this to the social security authority in the place where IDP status was granted. This must be done no later than three days before departure.

Recall that a person may be deprived of the status if:

- An application for waiver of status has been written;

- The person violated the criminal code of Ukraine;

- By goodwill, the person returned to the left territory or went abroad;

- The fact that the person provided false information was revealed.

What happens if you hide the fact of the return and do not deregister

Sooner or later the lies will come out. All the ill-gotten money, in any case, will have to be returned. If this is not done voluntarily, the required amount will be demanded in court.

Finding out where a refugee is at a particular point in time is not difficult. Mobile devices give out geolocation, and the address of the ATM or store where the migrant used the card cannot be hidden.

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