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Catacombs, cozy courtyards and kayaking: a selection of sightseeing tours in Odesa


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Catacombs, cozy courtyards and kayaking: a selection of sightseeing tours in Odesa

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Do you want to get to know Odesa and its color closer, or arrange a day off for yourself outside the city? There is a selection of excursions and tours in Odesa for you - choose yours!

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Sightseeing tour of Odesa

For the first time in Odessa and do not know where to start exploring the city and how not to miss anything interesting? During the sightseeing tour, the guide will show you the most important Odesa sights, tell you interesting Odesa stories, and in 2.5 hours will make you fall in love with this city and its flavor. Do you know how many steps there are on the Potemkin Stairs? Let's count!

Individual gastro tour

Forshmak, fried whitebait, homemade wines... You can talk about Odessa cuisine for a long time, but it's better to try it. This city has collected the best recipes of Greek, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Jewish and other world cuisines. The guide will show you the most delicious places in Odesa - of course, we try the most delicious!

Excursion in Odesa courtyards

The yard-well with its special atmosphere and linen drying on the clothesline is one of the very first associations with Odesa. It was in the courtyards that the special life of the locals once boiled. Although Odesa is gradually changing, there are people who can tell you about what life was like in a real Odesa courtyard. A tour of the Odesa courtyards is about color. The guide will tell interesting stories and show you the most comfortable places.

Excursion around Jewish Odesa

Jewish culture is an integral part of Odesa. During the first 150 years of the city's existence, the Jewish population constantly made up at least 30 percent of the total number of inhabitants. This is what made the language spoken in Odesa special and made the city itself special. All about the Jews and their contribution to the history of the city - in this tour.

Excursion to the Odesa catacombs

Perhaps the safest excursion in wartime. The catacombs are shrouded in legends, and secrets - kilometers of underground systems with their own wonders. Here are bunkers, and underground lakes, and acquaintance with the procedure for extracting the stone from which the city is built. Experienced guides will show you interesting places in the catacombs and do it safely so that inquisitive tourists do not get lost in the labyrinths of underground passages.


Do you have a few days to explore the city? Then a multi-day tour with an overnight stay is what you need. We will start with a walking tour of the city, you will visit the main attractions, and then you will have the opportunity to wander around the city on your own. Optionally, the tour can include thematic excursions to your taste. Accommodation and delicious food have already been taken care of for you.

Kayaks and ostriches

Why not entertain yourself on a day off with a kayak trip and a visit to the ethnic park with ostriches? Equipment and a rich program are already included, the tour is suitable for anyone with any level of fitness. In the first half of the day we go kayaking along the Dry Estuary, and in the afternoon we explore the New Vasiuky ethnopark, where we get to know ostriches and attend various master classes.

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