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13 Aug. 2022


Japan offers employment for IT specialists from Ukraine

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Japan offers employment for IT specialists from Ukraine

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The national Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun reports that Japanese IT companies have focused on finding specialists for their projects among Ukrainian workers. The main goal is to help Ukrainians and support the state in times of war.

Ukraine is rich in talented technical workers. The IT sector has been playing an important role in the development of the economic sector for 10 years. Ukraine is also called the "Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe" in the world. However, due to the war, many talented specialists may leave Ukraine. As project orders from the US and Europe gradually decline, Japan could become a new market.

Tokyo-based IT company i3DESIGN is one of those recruiting specialists from Ukraine. Since May, Ukrainians have been working in the corporation's staff, who are engaged in the selection of Ukrainian personnel. The company received more than 50 applications from employees from Ukraine, seven specialists are already cooperating with i3DESIGN, because the main advantage of working in the IT field is that employees can work from any place where there is an Internet connection.

The company notes that they want to work with Ukrainian specialists not temporarily, but permanently because they bring a positive effect to the growth of the corporation.

Another Japanese company, Next Age Inc. already entrusts Ukrainians with projects in the field of web design, these are 11 projects worth 22,500 USD. The Tokyo company PJ-T&C purchased software developed by Ukrainian engineers.

In June, Yahoo Japan Corp., Line Corp. and five other IT companies held an employment seminar for Ukrainians to accelerate support for the entire industry.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the Ukrainian IT company CHI Software opened an office in Japan.