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26 Aug. 2022


Psychiatric help for Ukrainians abroad: How to get it

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Psychiatric help for Ukrainians abroad: How to get it

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Every Ukrainian who went abroad after the outburst of a full-scale war can get the necessary psychiatric help. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine explained how to get advice from a specialized specialist.

Referral for consultation

In most countries, you can get a referral to a psychiatrist from your family doctor. However, in Poland, Latvia and Romania it is possible to visit a specialist without visiting a therapist beforehand.

Prescription for medicine

You can buy the necessary drugs only after visiting a doctor, as drugs are sold only by order. However, a family doctor can continue a prescription issued by a local psychiatrist (sometimes even a Ukrainian doctor).

How to get psychiatric help in different countries


First, you need to make an appointment with a family doctor and prepare medical documents obtained in Ukraine. The patient will receive a referral to a psychiatrist, who will be able to conduct a professional consultation and write a prescription for the necessary medication.

Family doctors can continue prescriptions issued only by Estonian psychiatrists.


The Spanish medical system includes three options for providing psychiatric care:

1. Consultation of a family medicine doctor who can prescribe medicine;

2. A visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist. A family doctor will provide a referral to a specialist;

3. Treatment in psychiatric hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

Keep in mind that you can wait for an appointment with a psychiatrist for about six months. To speed up the process, you can take out private insurance and skip the step of getting a referral from a family doctor.


Having a consultation with a psychiatrist in Latvia is easy. Without a referral from a therapist, a psychiatrist everyone who needs help can call the National Health Service of Latvia via the number 8000-1234 and make an appointment.

In addition, children and adolescents from Ukraine can receive free psychological support.


Treatment by psychiatrists in Lithuania is free: you need to contact a mental health center. Since many Ukrainians need support, a number of Lithuanian specialists launched an initiative to provide psychological assistance. To get assistance, contact the specialists by e-mail: [email protected] and [email protected].

In addition, it is possible to communicate with the doctor online using the services of the online platform


To see a psychiatrist in Germany, you need a referral from your family doctor. Please remember that you have to wait for a free appointment.

Persons with diagnosed mental disorders who are insured by the state are guaranteed 25 sessions or two years of therapy. After you are out of the limit, visits to the doctor become paid. Free services will resume after two years.

Inpatient treatment may be prescribed for Ukrainians with severe mental disorders.


To get psychiatric help, you need to follow these steps:

1. Call the hotline 800 190 590 to find a medical institution and make an appointment;

2. Contact your family doctor for a prescription.

We remind you that you need to take a Ukrainian prescription for medicines and medical documents, a foreign passport, and PESEL while visiting the doctor.


In Portugal, a family doctor can give a referral to a specialist. Basic psychiatric care is provided in primary care institutions and hospitals. If necessary, they can issue referrals to specialized hospitals.


Access to a psychiatrist in Romania is not complicated by previous visits to a general practitioner. Ukrainians can immediately make an appointment with a psychiatrist to receive advice or a prescription for medication.


A referral is not required in Slovakia either. Call 0-800-193-193 for advice.


A person who needs the help of a specialist can be observed at a family practice doctor or a medical and psychological center. Such consultations are covered by the health insurance system and are free of charge.

In the center, patients receive support from multidisciplinary specialists and social workers. If necessary, the patient can be referred to other medical institutions, for example, a day hospital or a psychiatric inpatient unit.

The French medical system also provides emergency psychiatric care. It can be used by people with the following symptoms:

• State of despair, refusal to eat, self-isolation;

• Attacks of aggression and violence;

• Presence of hallucinations;

• Depression, etc.

Numbers for calling emergency psychiatric help:

• 15 – SAMU ambulance,

17 – the police.

You can read more about psychiatric care in France on the psycom resource.

Czech Republic

Ukrainians who have the status of temporary protection can use the medical services of the Czech Republic for free, in particular, receive psychiatric care. The range of services includes not only consultations, but also prescription of medications.

To make an appointment with a specialist, find the appropriate institution on this site.

Psychiatrists consult both in psychiatric hospitals and dispensaries, and in psychiatric polyclinics, which may function separately. Specialists conduct consultations, diagnosis, prescribing and adjusting the treatment plan.

If necessary, the patient can be transferred to a hospital.

In addition to the mentioned institutions, there is an intermediate link of psychiatric care. This assistance is provided through special kindergartens, sheltered workplaces, vocational training centers, shelters, etc. This approach makes it possible to receive more thorough care than on an outpatient basis, and to feel a sense of belonging to society.

We will remind you! Travelers' health insurance should be purchased before traveling to any European country to cover medical bills in the event of unforeseen injuries or illness during the trip.

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