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02 Sep. 2022


Drivers from Ukraine were allowed to open visas directly in Poland

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Drivers from Ukraine were allowed to open visas directly in Poland

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The relevant order entered into force on August 30, 2022. A document of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland has been published on the Dziennik Ustaw website, according to which the possibility of obtaining a Polish visa for truck drivers from Ukraine will be provided without the need to leave Poland.

According to the document, drivers from Ukraine who carry out international freight transportation will be able to apply for a Polish visa without going back to Ukraine. To do this, you need to legally live in Poland and work in a company engaged in international road transport or in non-commercial international road transport.

Along with truck drivers, Ukrainian civil aircraft pilots and aircraft crew members who will officially work in Poland will also be able to obtain a Polish national visa directly in Poland.

The issue of issuing visas for truck drivers from Ukraine  (and Ukrainian pilots and aircraft crew members) will be dealt with by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, though through an intermediary, which will be a private company. And will directly accept documents for visas and issue passports with ready-made visas. For its services, the intermediary will charge a service fee from the clients. That is, the same scheme will apply, as in the case of visa centers in Ukraine. Details, including who and where will accept visa applications and what the application process will be, should be expected soon.

We will remind you that earlier the Union of Transport and Logistics of Poland repeatedly appealed to the government to speed up the decision to issue visas, which are required for drivers from Ukraine for international transportation for Polish companies, directly in Poland. Otherwise, several thousand carriers could go bankrupt by the end of the year: they have orders and contracts, but cannot use the services of a large number of drivers whose visas have expired.