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08 Feb. 2022


TOP 8 romantic cities in Ukraine: where to fall in love and confess your love?



TOP 8 romantic cities in Ukraine: where to fall in love and confess your love?

On the eve of Valentine's Day, romance is especially felt. So we decided to remind you that Ukrainian cities retain not only centuries of history, but also an incredible number of romantic adventures. Choose your favorite direction to leave a piece of your own love story there and get unsurpassed impressions for a lifetime.

Kyiv is a city where lovers and romantics will definitely find a place to their liking! The Bridge of Lovers in Mariinsky Park or the Wall of Confessions on Yaroslaviv Val Street, the lip bench on Obolonskaya Embankment or the lanterns in love on the Maidan, the Alley of Love and the Wish Tree in Navodnytsky Park, many cozy gazebos where you can hide for kisses. There are many "places of love", where it would be very symbolic to be in love.

Lviv is a city full of romance! This is the most amazing romantic corner of Ukraine, which all couples in love want to come to. In its ancient streets and colorful squares there are many beautiful and mysterious places that symbolize passion, love and romance. Give your other half an amazing weekend, shrouded in romantic flair, love legends and secrets.

Odessa is the most emotional, exciting city. A romantic weekend in Odessa can be a wonderful gift and a vivid memory for a lifetime. There is everything to have a good time together: the sea coast, observation decks, quiet parks and many more secret places designed only for lovers. During a tour of romantic Odessa, you will visit places that have preserved forever the charm of love stories of famous people.

Kamianets-Podilskyi is an ancient atmospheric city that princes, kings, emperors, and later presidents have dreamed of visiting since the Middle Ages. Kamianets can surprise you and give you unforgettable emotions. A tour of the city must be accompanied by a visit to one of the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine" - the old castle of Kamianets-Podilskyi, where each tower has its own history and secrets.

Vinnytsia is a city that will allow you to break away from everyday life, stop thinking about everyday life for a while and boldly open your heart to the beautiful. It is here that the largest floating fountain is located not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, which is among the TOP-10 best fountains in the world. And the only peninsula in Vinnytsia - Brigantine, enchants with a calm atmosphere and silence, here you can walk alone, enjoying the amazing scenery.

Chernivtsi is one of the most romantic and picturesque Ukrainian cities, called Little Paris in Ukraine. Fascinating and elegant architecture, a quiet echo of the city cobblestones and the glow of the lanterns of the evening heart of the Bukovyna region - here is a very warm atmosphere that makes you involuntarily experience incredible emotions. In addition, in Chernivtsi there are many romantic places, as if designed for couples in love.

Kharkiv is an ideal city for a romantic date. Here you can find a huge number of places for long slow walks, solitude and sweet kisses, or even to offer a hand and heart. And during a tour of the city you will see the so-called symbols of love: the Monument to Lovers, the Bridge of Lovers. A special "highlight" of the city for the age of 18+ is the Museum of Sexual Cultures of the World.

Kherson is an amazing southern city, where a date will be etched in the memory of two lovers for a long time. In addition to a walk along the Embankment, it is mandatory to visit the Alley of Lovers in the square. Potemkina is a romantic corner where lovers make appointments, newlyweds are photographed. It consists of an ensemble of exquisite sculptural forms made of stone and metal: "Bench of Lovers", the monument "Heart of Lovers" and "Carriage".