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Unique and inimitable Ukrainian cuisine



Unique and inimitable Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine is delicious, varied, generous, nourishing, interesting and distinctive. It was created over many centuries and reflects not only the historical development of our people, but also its customs, traditions and even natural and climatic features in which the Ukrainian people found themselves in the process of their historical development.

Our cuisine originates from simple country dishes based on meat, cereals and vegetables: potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms and beets. Since the Ukrainians have long used the oven for cooking, Ukrainian dishes are mainly boiled, stewed or baked.

Ukrainian cuisine will satisfy the taste of even the most picky gourmet.

Traditional Ukrainian dishes that you should definitely try

• The father of Ukrainian cuisine, known all over the world – Ukrainian borscht! In Ukraine, there are more than 300 types of borscht recipes, and these are only those that are known and written down. Each housewife turns out her own borscht, since everyone has a different recipe. The classic borscht is rich meat, but there is also a lean one with beans or mushrooms – this is cooked during fasting, so vegetarians will also be happy.

Salo is not just a dish, but a symbol of Ukraine. We celebrate the Day of Salo every year on August 27, and in Lviv there is a real Museum of Salo, where you can see a huge heart made of salo, which is the largest in the world and got into the Guinness Book of Records, also serves here unique candies "Salo in Chocolate" and sushi-salo.

• It is difficult to imagine Ukrainian cuisine without dumplings. Therefore, in our list, we give pride of place to dumplings with cabbage or potatoes and cracklings. Did you know that many poems, paintings and songs are dedicated to dumplings? And they even wanted to mint Ukrainian dumplings on a currency in Canada. That's so glory!

• One of the meat masterpieces of Ukrainian cuisine is meat krucheniki. There are many varieties of this dish, depending on regional culinary traditions. Mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, dried fruits – whatever the hostess and guests wish, can be fillings for krucheniki.

• The most delicious dish of Hutsul cuisine is banosh. Fragrant and tender corn porridge originally from Western Ukraine. In the classic version, it is boiled in milk and served with bryndza cheese. But there is also free space for experiments. You can add different ingredients such as bacon.

• A dish that has not left anyone indifferent – golubtsi or cabbage rolls. This is meat in cabbage leaves. An interesting fact: in the Book of Records of Transcarpathia, 25 types of cabbage rolls are recorded, which were prepared at a festival in one of the villages. And also, in Transcarpathia it was believed that if a girl knows how to make small stuffed cabbage, she will sooner get married and be a good wife.

• The food to which the festivals are dedicated, and even a monument has been erected! Meet this Poltava dumplings. Yes, it's just boiled dough, but how delicious. Dumplings can be either without filling or with meat, liver, mushrooms. By the way, residents of the region of the same name are often called "Poltava dumplings" because their regional dish has become very famous.

And this is not the whole list of Ukrainian traditional dishes that you need to pay attention to and taste. And we will definitely introduce you to them, as well as traditional Ukrainian drinks in the following articles.

It's delicious in Ukraine – try it!

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