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22 Dec. 2021


What to do in Bukovel if you are not a fan of skiing and snowboarding?



What to do in Bukovel if you are not a fan of skiing and snowboarding?

Bukovel is the most popular ski resort in Ukraine, located 100 km from the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. But not only for the sake of skiing and snowboarding you can go there. Today about the best entertainment that can be found in cool and exciting, full of unforgettable, vivid impressions of Bukovel.

If you are a fan of speed and extreme, we promise you will be delighted!

• Bike Zip - a unique attraction when you ride a bicycle along a 560-meter cable car stretching across Lake Molodosti;

• Trolls with a length of 1130 meters with a height difference of more than 190 m, which belongs to the ten longest in Europe and is the longest in Ukraine;

• Adrenaline tower - jump and free fall from a height of 28 meters;

• Reverse is a two-seater chair that hangs on cables and lifts you slowly to a height of 50 meters, then abruptly unhooks and flies at high speed to the base station;

• Rodelbahn or Speed ​​Fun toboggan run, 1500 meters long.

For an overview of ideal entertainment for real "tough nuts", see the Visit Ukraine YouTube channel.

Also, along the forest paths of Bukovel, you can ride a sled with sled dogs of the Siberian Husky breed or a snowmobile or ATV along the mountain peaks of the Carpathians.

Both adults and children will be delighted after visiting the contact zoo in the Hutsul Land complex, where domestic, exotic and wild animals and birds live in natural conditions.

Also, be sure to use the observation lift to enjoy the incredible views skiers can see. From the mountain you can see Bukovel, several neighboring mountains, cozy Hutsul villages and endless Carpathian forests.

So, Bukovel is definitely worth your attention, regardless of whether you love boards or skis or not.