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16 Sep. 2022


Border crossing rules for men accompanying relatives for treatment



Border crossing rules for men accompanying relatives for treatment

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From the first day of martial law in Ukraine, there is a restriction on the crossing of the border by men of conscription age. However, there are certain exceptions. The State Border Service of Ukraine explained which male citizens can leave the country and under what conditions.

Who has the right to leave?

Men aged 18 to 60, whose wives have grouped I or II disabilities, can accompany them to more dangerous countries.

In addition, parents and guardians of certain categories of children also have the right to cross the border. It is about:

 People aged before 18 with disabilities;

• Children suffering from perinatal impressions of the nervous system;

• Children born with severe developmental disorders;

• Patients with orphan diseases;

 Children with oncological and oncohematological diseases;

• Children with cerebral palsy or mental disorders;

 Patients with diabetes of the first type;

• Patients with acute or chronic kidney diseases;

• Severely injured children need palliative care or organ transplantation.

What documents should be provided for departure?

1. Certificate of receipt of state benefits for the child. It should be issued by the structural unit for social protection. At the same time, it does not matter who is the recipient of the assistance;

2. A medical certificate issued by the medical advisory commission in the form and in the order established by the Ministry of Health;

3. If the child is accompanied by the father, he must document the family ties;

4. If a minor travels abroad accompanied by a guardian or adoptive parent, he must have with him documents confirming the relevant authority.

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