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18 Sep. 2022


Winter is near. How to prepare? Recommendations from Visit Ukraine



Winter is near. How to prepare? Recommendations from Visit Ukraine

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The war in Ukraine teaches citizens to live in new conditions every day. Many already have the experience of living without electricity or water supply, and know how to cook food in the field. However, the enemy is becoming more and more brutal. Recent rocket attacks on Kharkiv Region, Dnipropetrovsk Region, Sumy Region, Donetsk Region, and Zaporizhia Region have left many people without electricity. Thanks to the professionalism of our utility services, it was possible to quickly restore the power supply, but this event made it clear that a Ukrainian, even in the deep rear, must be ready for anything. Also, the heads of cities and regions of Ukraine have been making relevant statements for several months. Read more about what every Ukrainian should have in their home.

How to prepare for a power outage?

Lights are the first thing you need to have at home in case of a power outage. They come on batteries, accumulators or a solar battery. It is also worth thinking about a small flashlight that should always be with you. In winter, it gets dark early, the phone can run out of power, so getting home from work even at 6:00 p.m. in the absence of light can be a problem.

Candles, lighters and matches.

Power banks, preferably from 20,000 mah. Also, don't forget to periodically check their charge level.

The generator is suitable for residents of private houses, because it is dangerous to use it in high-rise buildings.

If there is no water supply?

The lack of water supply is what Ukrainians often face after rocket attacks.

    • Drinking water - a reserve should be made at the rate of 3 liters of water per person per day.

    • Technical water

Water should be stored in a cool, dark place.

What to do with limited heat supply or its absence?

Keep warm - if possible, take care of the house's insulation in advance - replacement of windows, external insulation.

You can insulate wooden frames by covering them with masking tape, or adjust plastic windows for tight winter closing. You can hang a blanket on the door. For batteries, purchase aluminum foil insulation to place between the wall and the battery. Thanks to this method, all the heat will be directed inside the house and the outer wall will be heated less.

An additional source of heat is a heater, gas heater, stove. The market currently offers many types of heaters - fan heaters, convectors, oil radiators or infrared panels made of ceramics and glass.

Warm clothes - thermal underwear, warm home suits made of wool or fleece, thermal socks. Merino wool underwear is the best. Also, if you work at a computer, take care of fingerless gloves.

Blankets - warm down or wool. A good option for sleeping is a sleeping bag that closes with a lock like a cocoon, thus the access of cold air will be limited. They also come with down filling.

An electric blanket, but it will work only while there is electricity.

A heating pad or a hot water bottle.

Stock of food and methods of preparation

In case there is no electricity or gas supply, you should have a supply of food at home:

Bread with a long shelf life - crackers, crackers, loaves.

Quick-cooking products - vermicelli, oatmeal, cereals that are cooked quickly.

Canned food - meat, fish, vegetable, stew.

Milk powder

Baby food - meat, vegetable and fruit puree, instant oatmeal.

Sweets - condensed milk, jam, honey, marmalade.



Tea and coffee

Also, take care of pet food and tech items in advance.

Consider alternative ways of cooking - gas tourist heater, cylinders for it, dry alcohol, etc.

Stock of medicines

Check your medicine cabinet for pain relievers and hemostatic drugs, digestive and absorbent drugs, sedatives, blood pressure drugs, antiseptics, iodine, green tea, bandages and cotton wool.

Also, take care of the supply of drugs that you take in the system and medicines for chronic diseases.

Check the supply of hygiene products.


In order not to lose contact with relatives, we recommend writing down the most important contacts on a sheet, so that you can call from another device if your phone is discharged.

If the connection of your mobile operator disappears, you can use the Ukrainian roaming service. To do this, go to the section on your smartphone:

Settings - SIM cards/Cellular communication - Mobile network/Connection/Select network - Automatic mode - Choose from the available operators on the screen

Install an instant messenger on your phone that works without the Internet or a phone connection. When working, they use the Bluetooth system, their range is about 100 m.

Buy a battery operated radio.


An important purchase, because when using additional heating devices, the power grid may not withstand. Cooking over an open fire can also cause a fire. That is why we advise you to think about buying a powder fire extinguisher. It is not too expensive, and its shelf life is 10 years.

Backup plan

Having taken care of the preparation of the house, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the plans developed by your city government in case of critical situations - mobile heating points, etc.

You should also have a plan B if it becomes impossible to stay in your own home. It can be a move out of town, to relatives or friends, a trip to other cities or regions of Ukraine. For this, you should have a stock of fuel and, if necessary, prepare your country house - buy firewood, etc.

Keep yourselves!