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22 Feb. 2022


Pre-pandemic rules: which countries have lifted quarantine restrictions

Pre-pandemic rules: which countries have lifted quarantine restrictions

In recent weeks, there has been a pleasant trend of partial or complete lifting by various countries of the restrictions that were introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Without tests and vaccines: countries with free entry


On February 12, Norway canceled absolutely all quarantine requirements, both for entry and within the state. The Norwegian authorities said that "the coronavirus pandemic no longer poses a serious threat to the health" of citizens and the country can "return to normal daily life."


As of 17 February, health measures for people entering the country have been lifted. This means that tourists will no longer need to provide confirmation of vaccination, recovery, a negative test result or fill out a registration form before departure or at the Swiss border.


From February 19, restrictions due to Covid-19 no longer apply when entering Slovenia. This means that entry is allowed for any purpose, and documents confirming recovery/vaccination/testing no longer need to be presented at the border. Also, travelers do not need to be in home quarantine.


Mexico has not previously required foreigners to enter COVID-19 tests and other evidence of the absence of the disease, but since January 2022 it has also refused the Vuela Seguro health questionnaire, which previously had to be filled out before arrival.

Dominican Republic

Tourists who have not been in the last 14 days in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Kuwait, Monaco, Senegal, Spain, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sweden, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia or the United Kingdom can only cross the Dominican border with a completed Electronic Ticket form.

Since February 17, the Dominican Republic has lifted all restrictions within the country - to access public places, you no longer need to present any documents, masks are not needed.

Cuba (when entering for tourism purposes)

Tourists arriving on package tours (organized tour groups through a tour operator or travel agency) are exempt from providing vaccination certificates and pre-departure tests. However, all passengers must complete the Declaracion de Sanidad del Viajer before flying to Cuba.

Most European countries have also softened the conditions of entry – canceled quarantine, allowed to cross the border without mandatory vaccination, canceled "covid passes" within the country, etc.

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