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26 Sep. 2022


How to get social assistance in Poland for Ukrainians who find themselves in a difficult life situation?

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How to get social assistance in Poland for Ukrainians who find themselves in a difficult life situation?

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

Every resident of Poland who is in a difficult life situation can receive social assistance from the state. Foreigners can also apply for such assistance.

Criteria for receiving assistance to foreigners:

• Be a citizen or resident of a member state of the EU or the European Free Trade Association and live in Poland;

• Get refugee or temporary protection status.

Therefore, Ukrainians who came to Poland after February 24 and are under temporary protection can receive help.

What is a difficult life situation?

Assistance is provided to families whose income does not exceed the minimum established by law. However, there are exceptions that allow you to receive social assistance even with a normal level of income.

Polish legislation has established the following limit:

• PLN 776 per month for a person living alone;

• PLN 660 for a person living in a family;

When determining income, the social security center takes into account all income for the month, including wages, pensions, etc.

We would like to note that certain social benefits are not included in income. Payments for the unemployed and assistance for the "Family 500 plus" program are not included in monthly earnings.

Persons who receive an income above the established limit, but are in an unfavorable situation that could not have been prevented, can apply for a benefit. In this case, the social worker will independently consider the case and make a decision depending on the specific case.

Families in a difficult situation include those who faced the following problems:

• Poverty;

• Orphanage;

• Alcoholism or drug addiction;

• Homelessness;

• Unemployment;

• Prolonged or severe illness;

• Violence or human trafficking;

• Large number of children;

• Refugee or stay under temporary protection;

• Emergency situation (fire, accident, etc.).

Refusal to pay

If the social service found a discrepancy between the family's real financial situation and the documentary evidence, the benefit will be denied. Also, the person must prove that he belongs to one of the categories described above. It is possible to do this during the interview.

You can appeal the decision in the appeals court of the local self-government.

Steps to get help

Contact the social assistance center at your place of residence. This can be done in person or by writing a letter. The relevant application is free of charge.

Your legal representative (for example, parents if the person is under 18) or another person can also ask for help, if you agree.

Prepare the necessary documents:

• Document confirming identity;

• Document confirming income;

• Confirmation of employment;

• Certificate confirming disability or inability to work;

• For foreigners – a document allowing to live in the country;

Be prepared that the application may be considered for up to two months.

Application review process

The social worker will learn the necessary information by interviewing people from your environment.

The next stage is the interview of each family member. During this process, the worker will collect the necessary documents, determine the status of people who can help you (parents or children), and offer options for help.

Amount of payments

• For a self-employed person - PLN 776;

• For a person who has a family - PLN 600 for each member.

Non-material assistance is also provided:

• Social work;

• Contributions to social and medical insurance;

• Psychological consultations;

• Funeral organization;

• Provision of shelter and food, etc.