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03 Oct. 2022


How can an IDP get the status of "unemployed"?

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How can an IDP get the status of "unemployed"?

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In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Ensuring the Rights and Freedom of Internally Displaced Persons", an IDP in the event of dismissal from work due to the absence of documents confirming the fact of dismissal, work activity and insurance history, has the right to be registered as unemployed and receive unemployment benefits.

Thus, internally displaced persons who were unable to continue working due to hostilities may terminate their employment contract unilaterally.

What needs to be done for this?

An application in the established form in the name of the employer should be submitted to the employment center at the place of registration. The date of termination of the employment contract is considered to be the next day of submission of such an application.

Thus, IDPs who did not terminate their employment contract due to circumstances beyond their control will also be able to register at the employment center as unemployed.

Attention! In the event that the migrant does not have documents confirming his insurance seniority, salary and periods of work, unemployment benefits are assigned taking into account the information contained in the state information registers.

Until all the necessary information is received, the unemployment benefit is granted in the minimum amount, and the total duration of the payment of such benefit cannot exceed 180 calendar days.

Do you need to carry documents?

During the period of martial law, the procedure for interacting with the unemployed is maximally simplified and adapted to the needs of Ukrainians. It is possible to register as an unemployed person directly by contacting the employment center or through the "Diia" portal.