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08 Oct. 2022


Sworn translation in Poland: what it is and when it is needed

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Sworn translation in Poland: what it is and when it is needed

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

A sworn translation in Poland is needed by every foreigner who plans to study in this country, legalize their stay or conduct business. Yes, there is a corresponding institute for sworn translation in Poland. So, what is a "sworn translation" and when such a service is most often used, explained in TransferGo, reports 24zakordon.

What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translation (tłumaczenie przysięgłe) or certified translation is the most accurate translation of the original document, which is certified by a sworn translator. Sworn translators pass an exam at the Ministry of Justice of Poland and after that get the right to do such translations.

All sworn translators are entered in a special register of the Ministry of Justice.

A sworn translation of an official document acquires the same official status as the original. Each page of the translation is certified by the seal and signature of the sworn translator. At the end of the document is a so-called clause (klauzula), which states that the sworn translator certifies the correctness and completeness of the translation.

When is a sworn translation required?

A sworn translation is necessary for legally significant actions. A certified translation of Ukrainian documents into Polish may be required in the following cases:

• legalization of stay (obtaining a visa, residence card, Pole's card, obtaining citizenship);

• admission to a Polish educational institution;

• official employment;

• receiving material assistance from ZUS bodies, etc.

Most often, sworn translators are approached with the following documents:

• birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificate;

• diploma or school certificate;

• resolution, sentence, resolution or court decision;

• power of attorney or notarial deed;

• contract of sale;

• employment history;

• medical reference;

• insurance policy;

• Financial Report.

Attention! There is no institute of sworn translation in Ukraine, but there is a translation certified by a notary. If possible, it is better to have the documents translated by a Polish sworn translator. The fact is that Polish institutions sometimes do not accept translations certified by Ukrainian notaries.

The price of a sworn translation

The price for translation is usually indicated for one sheet or 1125 characters. It should also be taken into account that most often this price does not include VAT in the amount of 23%. In addition, the price depends on the language from which the translation is to be made.

Translation from Ukrainian to Polish will cost approximately PLN 60 per sheet / 1125 characters. The translation is usually done within 5-7 days. For urgent work, you will have to pay double the price. In addition, the cost can increase if you need to translate a text with specific terminology or a narrowly focused topic.

How to find a sworn translator?

Currently, there are quite a few translators from the Ukrainian language into Polish. The fastest way is to find them on the Internet. To do this, enter the name of the city or its district and the phrase: "Tłumacz przysięgły języka ukraińskiego" in the search engine. It will not be superfluous to call in advance and clarify the cost, as well as agree on a specific meeting time.

In addition, many sworn translators work remotely. The client sends scanned copies of the documents, and the finished translation is sent to the client by mail.

Before ordering sworn translations, it is recommended to check in the state register whether the translator has the right to do such work.