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16 Jan 2024
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Employment opportunities for Ukrainians in Austria

There is a certain demand for foreign workers in Austria in various fields. You can find out more here.

Here are some of the most popular professions for Ukrainians in Austria:

  • IT sector: Austria has a developed IT market and is constantly looking for specialists in programming, software development, data analytics and other IT specializations.
  • Engineering: Engineers of various specializations, including mechanical, electrical, civil and industrial engineers, are in great demand on the Austrian labor market.
  • Healthcare: Foreign doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can find jobs in Austrian hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.
  • Tourism and hotel business: Due to the developed tourism industry, foreign workers can find opportunities in the hotel, restaurant and travel services sectors.
  • Financial sector: Austria is the financial center of Europe, so there is a demand for foreign specialists in banking, financial consulting, auditing and other financial services.
  • Restaurant and catering services: Large cities such as Vienna and Salzburg offer jobs for foreign workers in restaurants, cafes and hotels.
  • Construction industry: There is a demand for foreign workers in new construction and renovation.
  • Automotive and industrial sectors: Foreign specialists with experience in automotive, mechanical engineering and other industries can find jobs in Austrian companies.
  • Education: Foreign teachers, especially those with a background in teaching English as a foreign language, may have opportunities to work in Austrian schools, colleges and universities.
  • Service sector: Foreign workers can be engaged in a variety of services such as childcare, elderly care, cleaning, gardening, etc.
  • Fashion and creative industry: Austria has a strong fashion and creative industry, and foreign designers, fashion designers and other creative professionals can find opportunities in these fields.

Austria regularly organizes job fairs where potential employers and job seekers can meet in person and discuss job offers. Here are a few well-known job fairs in Austria:

  1. KarriereStart: This is one of the largest job fairs for students and graduates in Austria. It is held annually in different cities across the country and provides opportunities to meet employers and learn about job and internship offers.
  2. Career Calling: This event, held annually in Vienna, is one of the largest job fairs in the country. It offers opportunities to network with employers from various industries and get information about jobs.
  3. Jobmesse Österreich: This job fair is held in different cities in Austria and offers a variety of jobs in different industries, including IT, finance, hospitality, and others.
  4. Jobmesse Wien: This job fair is held annually in Vienna and is one of the largest fairs in the country. It offers a large number of jobs in various industries, including IT, finance, engineering, hospitality, and others.
  5. Women & Work: This job fair aims to support women in their job search and career development. It provides opportunities to meet with employers, get career advice, and learn about vacancies in various industries.

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